2014 Annual Report

UB School of Management faculty members have achieved international recognition for their research across the broad domain of management.

During the 2014-15 academic year, our faculty held 42 positions as editors, associate editors or editorial board members and published more than 30 articles in professional and scientific journals.


The following articles were published in the most prestigious journals in the various management sub-disciplines.

Accounting and Law

Dambra, M., Field, L., & Gustafson, M. (2015). The JOBS Act and IPO volume: Evidence that disclosure costs affect the IPO decision. Journal of Financial Economics 116 (1), 121-143.

Finance and Managerial Economics

Chung, K.H. & Chuwonganant, C. (2014). Uncertainty, market structure and liquidity. Journal of Financial Economics 113, 476-499.

Ferson, W. & Lin, J. (2014). Alpha and performance measurement: The effects of investor disagreement and heterogeneity. Journal of Finance 69 (4), 1565-1596.

Fotak, V., Raman, V., & Yadav, P.K. (2014). Fails-to-deliver, short selling and market quality. Journal of Financial Economics 114, 493-516.

Huang, Q., Jiang, F., Lie, E., & Yang, K. (2014). The role of investment banker directors in M&A. Journal of Financial Economics 112, 269-286.

Management Science and Systems

Du, A. Y., Das, S., Gopal, R. D., & Ramesh, R. (2014). Optimal management of digital content on tiered infrastructure platforms. Information Systems Research 25 (4), 730-746.

Oh, O., Eom, C., Rao, H. R. (2015). Role of social media in social change: and analysis of collective sense making during the 2011 Egypt revolution. Information Systems Research 26 (1), 210-223.

Park, I., Sharman, R., & Rao, H. R. (2015). Disaster experience and hospital information systems: An examination of perceived information assurance, risk, resilience and HIS usefulness. MIS Quarterly 39 (2), 317-366.

Wang, J., Gupta, M., & Rao, H. R. (2015). Insider threats in a financial institution: Analysis of attack-proneness of information systems applications. MIS Quarterly 39 (1), 91-112.

Yaraghi, N., Du, A., Sharman, R., Gopal, R., Ramesh, R. (2015). Health information exchange as a multisided platform: Adoption, usage, and practice involvement in service co-production. Information Systems Research 26 (1), 1-18.

Operation Management and Strategy

Chuang, C., Wang, C. X., & Zhao, Y. (2014). Closed-loop supply chain models for a high-tech product under alternative reverse channel and collection cost structures. International Journal of Production Economics 156, 108-123.

Fang, X., Ru, J., Wang, Y. (2014). Optimal procurement design of an assembly supply chain with information asymmetry. Production and Operations Management 23 (12) 2075-2088.

Li, Y., Li, J. & Vertinsky, I. (2014). National distances, international experience, and venture capital investment performance. Journal of Business Venturing 29 (4), 471-489.

Note: Annual reports are posted in June for the previous calendar year.