2018 Articles and Books

Accounting and Law

Choi, Heeick and Myungsun Kim (2018). “Product Market Competition and Credit Ratings,” Quarterly Journal of Finance and Accounting Vol. 56 (3&4), 103-147.

Dambra, M., Field, L.C., Gustafson, M.T. and K. Pisciotta (2018). “The Consequences to Analyst Involvement in the IPO Process: Evidence Surrounding the JOBS Act,” Journal of Accounting and Economics, Vol. 65, 302-330.

Kim, Myungsun, Robert Kim, Onook Oh, and Raghav Rao (2018).  “The Role of Online Freelance Stock Analysts in Correcting Overly Pessimistic Market Sentiment,” Managerial Finance, Vol. 44(8), 954-971.

Salzman, Martha L., Arlene M. Hibschweiler and Michael J. Tedesco (2018). “Employment Tax Penalties:  Let’s Keep it Civil,” The Tax Advisor, Vol. 49(2), 92-105.


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Jiang, F., K John, CW Li and Y Qian (2018), “Earthly reward to the religious: religiosity and the costs of public and private debt,” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 53 (5), 2131-2160

Lee, J and K.H. Chung (2018), “Foreign ownership and stock market liquidity,” International Review of Economics and Finance, 54, 311-325.

Management Science and Systems

Amo, L. C., R Liao, E Frank, HR Rao, and S. Upadhyaya (2018), “Cybersecurity Interventions for Teens: Two Time-Based Approaches,” IEEE Transactions on Education, 62 (2), 134-140.

Dutta, H. and A Srinivasan (2018), “Consensus-based modeling using distributed feature construction with ILP,” Machine Learning, 107 (5), 825-858

Dutta, H., H. Kwon and H.R. Rao (2018). “A System for Intergroup Prejudice Detection: The case for micro-blogging under terrorist attacks,” Decision Support Systems. Vol 113 (Sept.), 11-21.

Fan, J., M Jiang, O Rottenstreich, Y Zhao, T Guan, R Ramesh, S Das and C. Qiao (2018), “A framework for provisioning availability of NFV in data center networks,” IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 36 (10), 2246-2259

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Yuan, S., S. Das, R. Ramesh, and C. Qiao (2018), “Service Agreement Trifecta: Backup Resources, Price and Penalty in the Availability-Aware Cloud,” Information Systems Research, 29 (4), 947-964.


Gulyani, S., D. Talukdar, EM Bassett (2018), “A sharing economy? Unpacking demand and living conditions in the urban housing market in Kenya,” World Development, 109, 57-72.

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Talukdar, D. (2018), “Cost of being a slum dweller in Nairobi: Living under dismal conditions but still paying a housing rent premium,” World Development, 109, 42-56.

Operations Management and Strategy

Imholte, D.D., Nguyen, R.T., Vedantam, A., Brown, M., Iyer, A., Smith, B.J., Collins, J.W., Anderson, C.G. and OKelley, B., (2018). “An assessment of U.S. rare earth availability for supporting US wind energy growth targets,” Energy Policy, 113, 294-305.

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Organization and Human Resources

Yang, J., JR Bently, DC Treadway, RL Brouer and A. Wallace (2018), “The role of affective commitment and political skill in the work interfering with family (WIF) conflict voluntary turnover relationship,” International Journal of Human Resource Management, 29 (3), 595-613.

Yang, J and DC Treadway (2018), “A social influence interpretation of workplace ostracism and counterproductive work behavior,” Journal of Business Ethics, 148 (4), 879-891.

Note: Includes only journal articles that came out in print in 2018, but excludes those already noted as “accepted” articles in the 2017 Annual Research Report.