2018 Annual Report

School of Management faculty are big thinkers who are not afraid to question and upend theories. They are known worldwide for adding new knowledge in their respective fields.


The following articles were published in the world’s most prestigious journals for each discipline.

Accounting and Law

Dambra, M., Field, L.C., Gustafson, M.T. and K. Pisciotta (2018). “The Consequences to Analyst Involvement in the IPO Process: Evidence Surrounding the JOBS Act,” Journal of Accounting and Economics, 65, 302-330.


Harford, J., F Jiang, R Wang and F Xie (2018), “Analyst career concerns, effort allocation and firms’ information environment,” The Review of Financial Studies, 32 (6), 2179-2224.

Jiang, F., K John, CW Li and Y Qian (2018), “Earthly reward to the religious: religiosity and the costs of public and private debt,” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 53 (5), 2131-2160.

Management Science and Systems

Yuan, S., S. Das, R. Ramesh, and C. Qiao (2018), “Service Agreement Trifecta: Backup Resources, Price and Penalty in the Availability-Aware Cloud,” Information Systems Research, 29 (4), 947-964.

Operations Management and Strategy

Ru, J., R. Shi and J. Zhang (2018), “When does a Supply Chain Member Benefit from Vendor Managed Inventory?,” Production and Operations Management, 27 (5), 807-821.

Wei, M.M. and F. Zhang. (2018). “Advance Selling to Strategic Consumers: Preorder Contingent Pricing or Preorder Contingent Production?,” Production and Operations Management, 27(7), 1221-1235.

Note: Annual reports are posted in June for the previous calendar year. The report includes journal articles that came out in print in 2018, but excludes those already noted as “accepted” articles in the 2017 Annual Research Report.