Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

The mission of the University at Buffalo School of Management is to advance the practice of management within a global context, through scholarly research, education and professional and community service.

Our Vision

We aspire to advance our standing as a leading, comprehensive school of management, furthering our global reputation for influential scholarship and for educational experiences that make a difference in the lives of our students. Through our actions and accomplishments, we will inspire pride among the diverse members of our community. We will be renowned for:

  • High Impact Scholarship. We will be known as thought leaders in both the relevant academic literatures as well as in management practice
  • Adding Value. We will be known for creating learning experiences in our executive, graduate and undergraduate educational programs, that provide a high return on investment over the course of a lifetime
  • Engaged Service. We will be known for our desire to actively advance the welfare of our professional, university and public communities

This vision entails a continuing pursuit of lofty goals. These goals are:

  • Continue the upward rise in reputational rankings as measured by key rating services
  • Continue the upward rise in our scholarly productivity as measured by key indicators

Our Values

Our pursuits will be guided by a culture of responsibility and mutual respect. The School of Management community recognizes an obligation to share the responsibilities of self–governance, the benefits of diverse points of view and the need to conduct our affairs in an atmosphere of civility and mutual respect. This culture is reinforced by the following values:

  • Innovation, creating new ideas, testing them and retaining those that are most valuable
  • Professional Conduct, reflecting high ethical standards and integrity in all of our endeavors
  • Efficiency, in the use and allocation of resources based on performance and contributions to strategic goals
  • Entrepreneurship, by championing new initiatives and ventures that engage and benefit the multiple stakeholders of our School of Management community
  • Growth, involving the continuing professional development and renewal of the people in our community

Approved 2005