• 11-23-2020 — Charles Lindsey, associate professor of marketing, spoke to Fast Company about how COVID-19 will change Black Friday and the holiday shopping season this year.

  • 10-16-2020 — Kate Bezrukova, associate professor of organization and human resources, was quoted by The Lily, part of The Washington Post, in an article about the increasing number of women on corporate boards.

  • 10-20-2020 — More than 100 news outlets worldwide carried an Associated Press/NerdWallet article that quoted Charles Lindsey, associate professor of marketing, about how consumer shopping has changed because of the pandemic.

  • Michael Dambra.

    9-29-2020 — Michael Dambra, associate professor of accounting and law, was interviewed by Business Insider for an article about President Trump's tax returns and the "consulting fees" he appeared to pay Ivanka Trump.