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1-17-2019 — Lewis Mandell, professor emeritus of finance, wrote an article for The Conversation and MarketWatch about the benefits and drawbacks of a new debit card the U.S. Department of Education is testing for student-loan borrowers.

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11-20-2018 — Inc. reported on research by Jim Lemoine, assistant professor of organization and human resources, showing that when leaders prioritize morality, their organizations perform better and their employees are more satisfied and engaged.

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11-16-2018 — Joost Vles, adjunct instructor in the School of Management’s Professional MBA program, is the author of an article in The Conversation about queuing theory and why a single, longer line is actually faster for everyone.

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10-26-2018 — Charles Lindsey, associate professor of marketing, was quoted in the Wall Street Journal about consumer reactions to price hikes on everything from paint to tissues.

10-24-2018 — Salon reported on research by PhD student Katie Badura and Emily Grijalva, assistant professor of organization and human resources, that found men were still more likely than women to be chosen as leaders.