In the News

  • 2-18-2021 — Charles Lindsey, associate professor of marketing, spoke to NBC News for a story about the federal COVID-19 vaccine rollout at retail pharmacies, and the benefits businesses may see by serving as a vaccination site.

  • Nicole Hunter.

    2-2-2021 — Nicole Hunter, clinical assistant professor of finance, shared her expertise with WalletHub for an article on low-interest credit cards. 

  • Lindsey.

    1-30-2021 — Veljko Fotak, associate professor of finance, was quoted in a Washington Post story about a 10-year-old child who cashed in his GameStop shares after its stock surged unexpectedly. 

  • 1-6-2021 — Kate Bezrukova, associate professor of organization and human resources, co-wrote an article for Psychology Today about how the coronavirus pandemic may affect how we relate to and interact with one another for years to come.

  • 12-11-2020 — Arun Lakshmanan, associate professor of marketing, was interviewed by Digital Trends for an article on the rise of "stories" across major social media platforms.