2016 Annual Report

Through their research, School of Management faculty uncover new insights and develop innovative ideas across the broad domain of management and its several sub-disciplines.

During the 2016-17 academic year, faculty members held 43 editorial positions and published more than 40 articles in professional and scientific journals.


The following 10 articles were published in the world’s most prestigious journals for each discipline.


Brennan, M., Huh, S., & Subrahmanyam, A. (2016). Asymmetric effects of informed trading on the cost of equity capital. Management Science (62) 2460-2480.

Management Science and Systems

Iriyama, A., Kishore, R., & Talukdar, D. (2016). Playing dirty or building capability? Corruption and HR training as competitive actions to threats from informal and foreign firm rivals. Strategic Management Journal 37 (10) 2152-2173.


Dholakia, U., Tam, U., Yoon, S., Wong, N. (2016). The ant and the grasshopper: Understanding personal saving orientation. Journal of Consumer Research, 43 (1) 134-155.

Goswami, I & Urminsky, O. (2016). When should the ask be a nudge? The effect of default amounts on charitable donations. Journal of Marketing Research 53 (5) 829-846.

Seenivasan, S., Sudhir, K., & Talukdar, D. (2016). Do store brands aid store loyalty? Management Science. 62 (1) 802-816.

Yoon, S. & Kim, H. C. (2016). Keeping the American dream alive: the interactive effect of perceived economic mobility and materialism on impulsive spending. Journal of Marketing Research 52 (5) 759-772.

Organization and Human Resources

Bezrukova, K., Spell, C., Caldwell, D., & Burger, J. (2016). A multilevel perspective on faultlines: differentiating the effects between group and organizational level faultiness. Journal of Applied Psychology, 101 (1), 86-107.

Dinnen, R. R., Duffy, M. K., Henle, C. A., & Lee, K. (2017). Green by comparison: deviant and normative transmutations of job search envy in a temporal context. Academy of Management Journal. 60, 295-320.

Lee, K., Kim, E., Bhave, D., & Duffy, M. K. (2016). Why victims of undermining at work become perpetrators of undermining: an integrative model. Journal of Applied Psychology. 6, 915-924.

Note: Annual reports are posted in June for the previous calendar year.