2013 Annual Report

UB School of Management faculty members are renowned for generating new knowledge and innovative ideas across the broad domain of management and its several sub-disciplines.

During 2013, our faculty published more than 33 articles in professional and scientific journals and held 34 positions as editors, associate editors or editorial board members for journals.


The following articles were published in the most prestigious journals in the various management sub-disciplines.

Finance and Managerial Economics

Man, K., Wang, J., & Wu, C. (2013). Price discovery in the U.S. treasury market: automation vs. intermediation. Management Science 59 (3), 695-714.

Tiu, C. I. & Yoeli, U. (2013). Asset pricing with endogenous disasters. Review of Financial Studies 26 (11), 2916-2960.


Bezawada, R. & Pauwels, K. (2013). What is special about marketing organic products? How organic assortment, price, and promotions drive retailer performance. Journal of Marketing 77 (1), 31-51.

Rishika, R., Kumar, A., Janakiraman, R., & Bezawada, R. (2013). The effect of customers’ social media participation on customer visit frequency and profitability: an empirical investigation. Information Systems Research 24 (1), 108-127.

Talukdar, D. & Lindsey, C. (2013). To buy or not to buy: consumers’ demand response patterns for healthy versus unhealthy food. Journal of Marketing 77 (2), 124-138.

Operation Management and Strategy

Li, Y. & Chi, T., (2013). Venture capitalists’ decision to withdraw: the role of portfolio configuration from a real options lens. Strategic Management Journal 34 (11), 1351-1366. doi: 10.1002/smj.2073.

Shi, R., Zhang, J., & Ru, J. (2013). Impacts of power structure on supply chains with uncertain demand.  Production and Operations Management 22 (5), 1232-1249. doi: 10.1111.poms.12002

Organization and Human Resources

Li, Q., Maggitti, P., Smith, K., Tesluk, P. E., & Katila, R. (2013). Top management attention to innovation: the role of search selection and intensity in new product introductions. Academy of Management Journal 56 (3), 893-916.

Maynes, T. D. & Podsakoff, P. M. (2014). Speaking more broadly: an examination of the nature, antecedents, and consequences of an expanded set of employee voice behaviors. Journal of Applied Psychology 99 (1), 87-112