2015 Annual Report

School of Management faculty members generate new knowledge and innovative ideas across the broad domain of management and its several sub-disciplines.

During the 2015-16 academic year, our faculty held 36 positions as editors, associate editors and editorial board members and published 37 articles in professional and scientific journals.


The following articles were published in the world’s most prestigious journals in the various management sub-disciplines.

Accounting and Law

Heflin, F., Kross, W., & Suk., I. (2016). Asymmetric effects of regulation FD on management earnings forecasts. The Accounting Review 91 (1) 119-152.


Cornaggia, J., Mao, Y., Tian, X., & Wolfe, B. (2015). Does banking competition affect innovation? Journal of Financial Economics 115 (1) 189-209.

Bortolotti, B., Fotak, V., Megginson, W. L. (2015). The sovereign wealth fund discount: evidence from public equity investments. Review of Financial Studies, 28 (11) 2993-3035.

Borisova, G., Fotak, V., Holland, K., & Megginson, W. L. (2015). Government ownership and the cost of debt: evidence from government investments in publicly traded firms. Journal of Financial Economics 118 (1) 168-191.


Hariharan, V. G., Bezawada, R., & Talukdar, D. (2015). Aggregate impacts of different types of brand development strategies. Management Science 61 (5) 1164-1182.

Kumar, A., Bezawada, R., Rishika, R., Janakiraman, R., & Kannan, P. K. (2015). From Social to sale: the effect of firm-generated content in social media on customer behavior. Journal of Marketing 80 (1) 7-25.

Sudhir, K. & Talukdar, D. (2015). The ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ in emerging markets: the productivity-transparency trade-off in IT adoption. Marketing Science 34 (4) 500-521.

Kim, J. & Lakshmanan, A. (2015). How kinetic property shapes novelty perceptions. Journal of Marketing 79, 94-111.

Operation Management and Strategy

Dutta, S. & Folta, T. B., (2016). A comparison of the effect of angels and venture capitalists on innovation and value creation. Journal of Business Venturing 31 (1) 39-54.

Ru, J., Shi, R., & Zhang, J. (2015). Does a store brand always hurt the manufacturer of a competing national brand? Production and Operations Management 24 (2) 272-286.

Organization and Human Resources

Grijalva, E., Harms, P. D., Newman, D. A., Gaddis, B., & Fraley, R. C. (2015). Narcissism and leadership: A meta-analytic review of linear and nonlinear relationships. Personnel Psychology 68 (1) 1-47.

Vandaie, R., & Zaheer, A. (2015). Alliance partners and firm capability: evidence from the motion picture industry. Organization Science 26 (1) 22-36.

Note: Annual reports are posted in June for the previous calendar year.