2010 Annual Report

Even a quick examination of some of the highlights of the year below indicates that our faculty continues to be deeply involved in creating new knowledge and innovative ideas about management.

DUring the year, our faculty published articles in professional and scientific journals during the year and served on the editorial review boards of more than 35 journals.



The following articles below are appeared in the top business journals listed in the UT/Dallas journal list and in leading journals in the field of Economics and Psychology:

Accounting and Law

Xu, W. (2010). Do management earnings forecasts incorporate information in accruals? Journal of Accounting and Economics, 49, 227-246.

Finance and Managerial Economics

Jarrow, R., Li., H., Liu, S., & Wu., C. (2010). Reduced-form valuation of callable corporate bonds: theory and evidence. Journal of Financial Economics, 95, 227-248.

Ehrlich, I. (2010). The role of human capital in imperfectly informed international financial markets. American Economic Review, 100, 244-49.


Lakshmanan, A., Lindsey, C., & Krishnan, H. S. (2010). Practice makes perfect? When does massed learning improve product usage proficiency. Journal of Consumer Research, 37, 599-613.

Wiles, M. A., Jain, S. P., Mishra, S., & Lindsey, C. (2010). Stock market response to regulatory reports of deceptive advertising: The moderating effect of omission bias and firm reputation. Marketing Science, 29, 828-846.

Operation Management and Strategy

Li, J., & Li, Y. (2010). Flexibility versus Commitment: MNEs’ Ownership Strategy in China. Journal of International Business Studies, 41, 1550–1571.

Organization and Human Resources

Galvin, B., Balkundi, P., Waldman, D. (2010). Spreading the word: The role of surrogates in charismatic leadership processes. Academy of Management Review, 35, 477- 494.