Articles and Books

Accounting and Law

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Finance and Managerial Economics

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Management Science and Systems

Chaudhary, S., & Kishore, R. (2010). Determinants and impacts of governance forms on outsourcing performance: evidence from a case study. Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research, 12, 39-56.

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Wang, J., Sharman, R., & Zionts, S. (in press). Functionality defense through diversity: a design framework to multitier systems. Annals of Operations Research. 

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Bezawada, R., & Wang, D. (2010). An investigation of consumer brand choice behavior across different retail formats. Journal of Marketing Channels, 17, 102-113.

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Murray, C. C., Talukdar, D., & Gosavi, A. (2010). Joint optimization of product price, display orientation and shelf-space allocation in retail category management.  Journal of Retailing, 86, 125-136.

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Organization and Human Resources

Galvin, B., Balkundi, P., Waldman, D.  (2010). Spreading the word: The role of surrogates in   charismatic leadership processes. Academy of Management Review, 35, 477- 494.

Cho, J., & Dansereau, F. (2010). Are transformational leaders fair? A multi-level study of transformational leadership, justice perceptions, and organizational citizenship behaviors. Leadership Quarterly. 21, 409-421.

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Treadway, D.C., Breland, J.W. Adams, G.L., & Duke, A.B. (2010). The interactive effects of political skill and future time perspective on career and community networking behavior. Social Networks, 138-147.

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Operations Management and Strategy

Iriyama, A., Li, Y., & Madhavan, R. (2010). Spiky globalization of venture capital investments: the influence of prior human networks. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. 4, 106-127.

Li, J., & Li, Y. (2010). Flexibility versus Commitment: MNEs’ Ownership Strategy in China.  Journal of International Business Studies, 41, 1550–1571.

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