Articles and Books

Accounting and Law

Brown, K., Chen, V., & Kim, M. (2015). Earnings management through real activities choices of firms near the investment-speculative grade borderline. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 34 (1), 74-94.

Dambra, M., Field, L., & Gustafson, M. (2015). The JOBS act and IPO volume: Evidence that disclosure costs affect the IPO decision. Journal of Financial Economics 116 (1), 121-143.

Finance and Managerial Economics

Chen, P. & Wu, C. (2014). Default prediction with dynamic sectoral and macroeconomic frailties. Journal of Banking & Finance 40, 211-226.

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Management Science and Systems

Chakraborty, R., Agrawal, M., & Rao, H. R. (2014). Information processing under stress: A study of Mumbai police first responders. IIMB Management Review 26 (2).

Du, A. Y., Das, S., Gopal, R. D., & Ramesh, R. (2014). Optimal management of digital content on tiered infrastructure platforms. Information Systems Research 25 (4), 730-746.

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Park, I., Sharman, R., & Rao, H. R. (2015). Disaster experience and hospital information systems: An examination of perceived information assurance, risk, resilience, and HIS usefulness. MIS Quarterly 39 (2), 317-366.

Wang, J., Gupta, M., & Rao, H. R. (2015). Insider threats in a financial institution: Analysis of attack-proneness of information systems applications. MIS Quarterly 39 (1), 91-112.

Xiao, N., Mahajan, S., Kishore, R., Venkata, V. M., Shaik, N. A., Anand, E. J. & Singh, R. (2014). Successful implementation of eRx systems: creating technology-organization alignment using the strategy map approach. Information Systems Management 31 (2), 104-119.

Yaraghi, N., Du, A., Sharman, R., Gopal, R., Ramesh, R. (2015). Health information exchange as a multisided platform: Adoption, usage, and practice involvement in service co-production. Information Systems Research 26 (1), 1-18.

Yaraghi, N., Du, A., Sharman, R., Gopal, R., Ramesh, R., Singh, R., Singh, G. (2014). Professional and geographical network effects on healthcare information exchange growth: Does proximity really matter? Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 21 (4), 671-678.

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Desai, K. & Trivedi, M. (2014). Do consumer perceptions matter in measuring choice variety and variety seeking. Journal of Business Research 67, 2786-2792.

Gulyani, S., Bassett, E., & Talukdar, D. (2014). A tale of two cities: A multi-dimensional portrait of poverty and living conditions in the slums of Dakar and Nairobi. Habitat International 43, 98-107.

Kumar, A., Besharat, A., Lindsey, C., & Krishnan, S. (2014). Contextual and competitive interference: Inhibition or facilitation? Journal of Advertising 43 (3), 228-243.

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Operations Management and Strategy

Chuang, C., Wang, C. X., & Zhao, Y. (2014) Closed-loop supply chain models for a high-tech product under alternative reverse channel and collection cost structures. International Journal of Production Economics 156, 108-123.

Fang, X., Ru, J., Wang, Y. (2014). Optimal procurement design of an assembly supply chain with information asymmetry.  Production and Operations Management 23 (12) 2075-2088.

Li, Y., Li, J. & Vertinsky, I. (2014).  National distances, international experience, and venture capital investment performance. Journal of Business Venturing 29 (4), 471-489.

Zahra, S. A., Newey, L. R. & Li, Y. (2014). On the frontiers: The implications of social entrepreneurship for international entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice 38 (1), 137-158.

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Organization and Human Resources

Podsakoff, N. P., Podsakoff, P. M., Mackenzie, S. B., Maynes, T. D., & Spoelma, T. M., (2014). Consequences of unity-level organizational citizenship behaviors: A review and recommendations for future research. Journal of Organizational Behavior 35, 87-119.

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