Articles and Books

Accounting and Law

Hibschweiler A. M., & Salzman, M. (2009).Tread carefully: What CPAs should know about tax fraud. The Tax Adviser, 40, 20-27.

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Finance and Managerial Economics

Lee, K. Y., & Chung, K. H. (2009). Information-based Trading and Price Improvement. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, 36, 754-773.

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Chang, C., Jiang, J., & Kim, K. A. (2009). A test of the representativeness bias effect on stock prices: A study of super bowl commercial likeability. Economics Letters, 103, 49-51.

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Management Science and Systems

Herath, T., & Kishore, R. (2009). Offshore outsourcing: risks, challenges, and potential solutions. Information Systems Management, 26, 312-326.

Simha, A., & Kishore, R. (2009). Enhancing e-collaboration effectiveness through the use of wikis: A theoretical examination in the context of requirements elicitation. International Journal of e-Collaboration, 5, 58-78.

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Kim, D. J., Ferrin, D., & Rao, H. R. (2009). Trust and satisfaction, two stepping stones for successful e-commerce relationships: A longitudinal exploration. Information Systems Research, 20, 237-257.

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Bezawada, R., Balachander, S., Kannan, P. K., & Shankar, V. (2009). Cross-category effects of aisle and display placements: A spatial modeling approach and insights. Journal of Marketing, 73, 99-117.

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Pauler, G., Trivedi, M., & Gauri, D. K. (2009). Assessing store performance models. European Journal of Operations Research, 197, 349-359.

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Operations Management and Strategy

Madhavan, R. & Iriyama, A. (2009). Understanding global flows of venture capital: Human networks as the “carrier wave” of globalization. Journal of International Business Studies, 40, 1421-1259.

Lin, H., & Lin, W. T. (2009). IT and Efficiency Analysis in Commercial Banks and Insurance Firms: A Global Comparison. VDM Verlag Dr. Muller & Co., Germany, USA, and UK.

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Organization and Human Resources

Balkundi, P., Michael, J., & Barsness, Z. (2009).Unlocking the influence of leadership network structures on team conflict and viability. Small Group Research, 40, 301-322.

Becker, B.E., Huselid, M.A., & Beatty, R.W. (2009). The Differentiated Workforce: Transforming Talent into Strategic Impact. Watertown, MA: Harvard Business Press.

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