Whether your résumé is complete or you are just beginning your first draft, this workshop will help you become aware of the important features of an American-style résumé. Recommended for all students.
This CRC workshop presents candidates with guidelines to write effective job search correspondences that are clear and concise. Recommended for all students.
International graduate students will be required to attend all workshops. Note that these workshops are only offered in the fall semester. Recommended for all international students.
Whether you are trying to secure an internship or your first professional position, this workshop provides job seekers with fundamental tools to prepare for any interview. Recommended for all students.
A job interview is a critical stage of the hiring process. Preparing for a variety of interview situations and knowing what to expect is essential to success. Required for all MBA and MS students.
See all MBA workshops offered to help your professional development and job search.
A series of three-minute videos filled with useful tips to help you plan and manage your career.
Learn tips and strategies for making the most of any job fair. Students will know what to do before, during and after the job fair and stand out from the field of potential candidates for all of the right reasons. Recommended for all students.