Career Resource Center Interview Guide

Read an informational guide on performing well in interviews based on the feedback we have received from recruiters over the years.  

After the Interview

  • Thank You
    Tips and samples of thank you letters to create your own thank you to send after each interview.

Interview Resources

  • Case Interviews
    Learn about resources to help you prepare for case interviews.
  • Virtual Interviews
    Many employers have increased their use of virtual interviews, whether it is through phone, video conference or video recording in order to save costs. Review our recommended virtual interview tips [PDF] to better prepare for this format.
    • Practice virtual interviews 24 hours/365 days through BigInterview from UB Career Services. This online tool is free when you register with your UB email address. 
  • Technical Interviews
    Prepare for technical interviews in jobs and internships for product management, software development, data analytics and more.
    • Exponent: Ace your interview by prepping with sample questions, mock interviews, coaching and courses. Much of this website content is free, but some requires a fee.
    • HackerRank is the market-leading technical assessment and interview solution for hiring developers. Learn how to hire technical talent from anywhere.
    • LeetCode is the best platform to help you enhance your skills, expand your knowledge and prepare for technical interviews.
  • Interviewing Frequently Asked Questions
    CareerPerfect's interviewing FAQs.
  • Interviewing Success
    Tips from College Grad Job Hunter.
  • Questions to Ask the Interviewer
    See examples of more than 150 questions to ask the interviewer from Job Mob.  
  • Vault
    Contains comprehensive information by industry and company. This includes more than 100 career and industry guidebooks, 5000 employer profiles and much more. Log in to BizLink and access the Vault under the shortcuts on the home page. This site is only available to current UB School of Management students.

Dressing For Success

Professional Dress
Learn tips and see examples of how to dress for your interview in business professional dress. Examples of business casual dress are also included.