An Edge for Undergraduates

As an undergraduate student in the UB School of Management, you have a unique advantage when it comes to career preparation.

The Career Resource Center (CRC) facilitates two hands-on courses that will lead you through every aspect of your career development process. Self-assessment, résumé writing, interviewing skills and job-search techniques are just a few of the topics covered in this mandatory, two-course sequence. CRC staff, faculty, area professionals and alumni will help you develop a personal marketing strategy that will serve you throughout your entire career.

Career Connections: Part I

Career Connections: Part I (MGG 215, formerly 298) is for sophomore and transfer students in the School of Management to build a foundation for their career planning and exploration rooted in experiential learning. The course connects classroom knowledge to real-world settings and promotes service learning and internships. It will introduce you to key career-related materials to assist with selecting a concentration and developing a Career Action Plan that aligns with your strengths and career interests.

Career Connections: Part II

Career Connections: Part II (MGG 315, formerly 398 ) is for junior and transfer students in the School of Management. It is a hands-on course taught by a team of instructors, CRC staff, area professionals and alumni that builds upon career concepts, techniques and exercises from Career Connections: Part I (MGG 215, formerly 298). Through in-class lectures, course assignments and online quizzes you will learn how to take a more thoughtful and proactive approach to career planning. You also will learn to leverage effective career correspondence, interviewing communication, online image branding, networking skills and job/internship search techniques to be successful in achieving your career goals.    

What Students Are Saying

"I found the first career course to be a very beneficial, practical class where all of the content taught was relevant to me and applicable to my life. I felt that much of what I learned in class could help me advance my career, land my dream job and help me achieve overall success."
Scott Finkelstein, BS

"The career course was extremely helpful in learning what employers are looking for in college graduates and helped me focus on the most important and relevant skills for my résumé and job search." 
Mary Rose Machajewski, BS 

"The work assigned helped me get ready for job searching and interviews. I learned some tricks to better prepare myself for interviews, which helped me land a full-time job with Citi right out of college." 
Brian Kalish, BS