Job Fairs and Events

Watch for deadlines. Register early.

Following are descriptions of some of the most prominent recruiting events that UB students are eligible to attend. Read the descriptions carefully to determine your eligibility in terms of degree required, country work authorizations, etc.

You may register for most of the events free on the Web; however, you will be responsible for any necessary travel arrangements. Many events require you to register up to six months or more ahead of time, so observe the deadlines and register early.

Prepare for the Fair

November 2020


Listings of Job Fairs and Events Everywhere – The following sites list information on many additional job fairs and career events being held throughout the year in various locations across the U.S.:

  • - Can search for career fairs by month, category or region
  • CFG Inc. – Career Fairs for IT, MIS, and Engineering and Sales, Management and Business professionals
  • Women for Hire Job Fairs: Some of America's leading companies will be recruiting experienced professionals and college seniors for a wide-range of positions in all fields at the upcoming Women For Hire events