Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Data Analytics Concentration

The data analytics concentration will arm you with a high-demand skill set—the ability to analyze, manipulate and draw inferences from large data sets. This rising discipline requires practitioners with know-how that cuts across core business disciplines and well-developed critical thinking and communication skills, which are deeply informed by context.

The data analytics concentration must be coupled with a primary concentration within the business administration major. The primary concentrations are:

  • Financial analysis
  • Human resources management
  • Management information systems
  • Marketing
  • Operations and supply chain management

You receive both the theoretical and practical knowledge essential to applying advanced business data analytics methods and models to a diverse set of business topics and challenges across these functional concentrations in our program.


Data analytics is a limited, competitive enrollment program available only to business administration majors by application at the end of spring of the junior year. In addition to strong performance through junior year, especially in quantitative courses (minimum grades of B in MGQ 201, MGQ 301 and MGS 351), you must be a business administration major with a declared primary concentration in financial analysis, human resources management, management information systems, marketing, or operations and supply chain management. 


Application Deadline: June 15

  • Admission occurs only for the fall semesters.
  • Applications are available in the School of Management Undergraduate Academic Programs Office in 204 Alfiero Center at the end of each spring semester after spring grades have posted.


After gaining admission to the data analytics concentration, you will take an additional 12 credits hours of courses in your senior year. The sequence of senior year courses for this concentration are:

Fall semester

MGG 433: Data Modeling
MGS 404: Database Management Systems

Spring semester

MGQ 408: Business Analytics and Data Science
Data Analytics Elective*

*The data analytics elective is selected with the advice and approval of the faculty advisors for this specialized concentration. The following are examples of courses that satisfy the data analytics elective which must be selected with, and approved by, one of the two faculty advisors for the concentration. The elective must be a minimum of three-credit hours.

  • MGM 403: Marketing Research
  • MGO 336: Operations Analysis
  • MGO 450: Business Forecasting
  • MGQ 496: Internship in Quantitative Methods
  • MGQ 499: Management Science and Systems Independent Study
  • MGS 406: Big Data Technologies
  • MGS 408: Machine Learning for Business
  • Completion of select undergraduate courses with a data analytics focus
  • Completion of select graduate courses with a data analytics focus

The faculty advisors for the data analytics concentration are Professor Laura Amo and Professor Dianna Cichocki. After you are admitted to the concentration, you are required to meet with one of the faculty advisors early in the fall of the senior year to plan for the data analytics elective which may be completed during the winter, spring, or summer term of the senior year.

Note that you may not use the same course to satisfy requirements under two different concentrations. The only exception is MGS 404 if your primary concentration is management information systems.