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Faculty Research

In addition to being outstanding educators with international business experience, School of Management faculty are also leading scholars in their fields.

Our faculty members publish their findings in respected academic journals and serve in editorial positions for scholarly journals in their discipline. Their research and expertise also is cited often by mainstream media worldwide, including The Washington Post, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes and Time.

Research Videos

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Veljko Fotak on how lending to unethical firms affects your retirement (co-authored with Jiang Feng and Haekwon Lee).

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Emily Grijalva on how narcissism varies in men and women and how it impacts the workplace.

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Kate Bezrukova on how good team chemistry enhances performance (co-authored with Chester Spell and inspired by Warren LeGarie and Jeff Phillips).


Professor Veljko Fotak on his research into how lending to unethical firms affects your retirement.


Professor Emily Grijalva on her research into how narcissism impacts the workplace.


Professor Kate Bezrukova on her research into how good team chemistry enhances performance.