We’re changing the world of business

The University at Buffalo School of Management is a vibrant and inclusive community of big thinkers and even bigger doers. We work together to question and upend theories, lifting each other up and driving change. Because at the UB School of Management, ambition is a virtue, tenacity is a given, and discovery happens everywhere, from the classroom to the boardroom. That’s just how we do it here.

School of Management MBAs receive an inside look at the challenges of running a successful mission-driven company and the opportunity to apply their coursework to a real-world business challenge through the UB MBA Consulting Group.

Through a series of studies, School of Management researchers found that when materialistic people believe in the American dream — that it’s possible to improve their economic status through hard work — they’re less likely to spend away their hard-earned savings.

By evaluating more than 40 years of research across a variety of fields, School of Management researchers discovered ways to make diversity training more effective, allowing employers to retain a diverse workforce while avoiding the reinforcement of stereotypes.

Companies, nonprofits, governments and individuals around the world are working together to address the world’s most pressing challenges through social innovation — and the School of Management is helping to lead the way.

Asmaa Lashin, MBA ’17, grew up in Egypt, where young women are not encouraged to obtain advanced degrees or work in technical fields. Instead, she defied expectations, pursued engineering and came to the School of Management to break down barriers.

This summer, the Continental Youth Championships brought more than 18,000 people and $2 million in economic impact to Buffalo — thanks, in large part, to two groups of School of Management interns.

Our grads leave their mark in industries and companies around the globe — including Amazon. Right now, 10 management information systems alumni are leading innovation in data mining, analytics and cybersecurity at the e-commerce giant.

AI has wide-reaching practical implications throughout all functions of business. While our alumni put it to work, School of Management faculty are exploring new possibilities in the classroom and their research.

Most charities do not use suggested donation amounts in their fundraising campaigns. But new School of Management research finds that suggesting the right amount can help nonprofits achieve their goals — and potentially raise more money.

Since he was a child, Tarik Kaddouri, BS ’16, has been obsessed with working for Nike. Thanks to internships, work experiences and mentors from the School of Management, he’s already well on his way to achieving that dream.

From fundraising and crowdfunding strategies to goal-setting and office culture, the School of Management continually uncovers new insights to help organizations achieve success. Check out eight of the many times we caught the world's attention last year.

By analyzing hundreds of investments, School of Management researchers found that entrepreneurs can go public sooner and have more impactful innovation with venture capital funding, or get more flexibility and longer-term experimentation through angel investor partnership.

Each year, marketers carve out more of their budgets for social media spending —from just 3.5 percent in 2009 to nearly 12 percent today.  School of Management researchers analyzed retail data and found that for businesses, posts with high engagement have the greatest impact on customer spending.

In an increasingly complex health care system, hospitals need high quality clinicians who also have strong business and leadership skills.

See how our new Accelerated MBA for Residents and Fellows is giving one surgical resident the opportunity to work on business projects that deliver immediate value to Kaleida Health, Western New York’s largest health care provider.  

Budding entrepreneurs have raised nearly $2.5 billion on Kickstarter since the site’s inception in 2009. School of Management researchers used data from more than 170,000 of these projects to unlock three key factors to crowdfunding success.

Women hold just 14 percent of the top five leadership positions at companies in the S&P 500. But School of Management alumnae are disrupting the status quo as customers and communities demand a new type of leadership.

Soon, Alec Schon won’t just be learning about accounting standards — he’ll be helping to set them at the Governmental Accounting Standards Board. His position is the B-school equivalent of clerking for a Supreme Court justice, and he’s the fifth UB accounting student to earn it.

MBA student Kelsey Barbour beat cancer at 19, but continues to fight. She and her team ran 4,000 miles last summer to raise awareness for young adults with cancer — and now she has her sights on a career in health nonprofits.

It’s no secret that men still hold the majority of leadership positions in American companies, but new research shows when male-dominated work groups foster collaboration and communication, it’s women who are more likely to emerge as leaders.

How do you convince billion-dollar corporations that sustainability is a business imperative? Ask Mindy Lubber, the School of Management alumna who has been fighting for the environment since she was a teenager.