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As a current School of Management student, you can take advantage of these services and resources.

Academic Advisement

The Undergraduate Academic Programs Office provides academic advisement to admitted accounting, business administration, and information technology and management majors in 204 Alfiero Center.

  • Student service hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to Noon, 1 to 4:30 p.m.
  • If you are in the Finish in 4 program, you are required to meet with an advisor each semester.
  • Review Student and Advisor Responsibilities
  • If you are a current UB student interested in becoming a management major, you must submit a major change request before scheduling a meeting with our advisors or attend one of our major information sessions.

Individual Appointments
This format is most appropriate if you want to discuss long-range course planning or if you're experiencing academic difficulties or concerns which are best addressed in a one-on-one meeting with your advisor. To schedule your appointment, call 716-645-3206, stop in 204 Alfiero or use the online scheduling system.

Group Advising
First-semester freshmen must attend a mandatory group advising session before scheduling an individual course planning appointment. This session is an extension of orientation and is meant to prepare you for your first-semester experiences and next-semester registration. You will meet with other first-year students in the management majors and become familiar with requirements, university policies, and receive a personalized curricular plan. You may also sign up to attend special topic sessions in this format such as our Pathway Workshops or Rising Junior groups.

During the enrollment windows, advisors will provide RegExpress appointments.  The focus of these 20-minute advisement meetings is to provide guidance on next semester registration. If you are interested in an advising appointment focused on long-range planning or goal setting, you can schedule an individual appointment during the first nine weeks of the semester or the final week of the semester, winter breaks or over the summer.

As a current management undergrad, you may stop to ask your quick questions during our walk-in hours in 204 Alfiero. An advisor will be available Mondays through Fridays from 3 - 4:15 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters.

Final Semester Reviews
If you are registered for your FINAL semester and want the reassurance that you are appropriately registered for your last requirements to graduate, you can take advantage of Senior Walk-Ins.  Dates and time for this service will be posted in 204 Alfiero or by calling 716-645-3206.

Academic Review for Management Majors

The School of Management conducts an academic review of all approved majors every fall and spring semester.

  • BS Accounting
  • BS Business Administration
  • BS Information Technology and Management 

Students who are enrolled in lower-level prerequisite courses for their management major are reviewed each semester to ensure that the standards to continue to the major's upper-level requirements are maintained.  See the "Good Standing in Major" Charts below for the minimum standards for each of the management majors.

Good Standing in Major Criteria Accounting
Minimum Standards
Business Administration

Cumulative GPA in seven management prerequisite courses

The prerequisite courses are: PSY 101, ECO 181-182, MTH 131*, MGQ 201, MGA 201-202

How do I calculate my prerequisite GPA?

3.0 2.5
Overall transfer GPA at entry to UB
This transfer GPA cannot be improved once you start attending UB.
3.0 2.5
This GPA includes all courses completed at UB
3.0 2.5
Cumulative overall GPA
This GPA includes all courses completed at UB and all transfer credits
3.0 2.5
Class standing (units)
Junior standing achieved by completing 60 units (to enroll in upper-level MG courses)
Junior standing Junior standing
Minimum grades in MGA 201 and MGA 202 (each course)
B Must complete both 
Good Standing in ITM Major Criteria Information Technology & Mgmt
Minimum Standards

Cumulative GPA in ITM First-Year Prerequisites

Cumulative GPA and Prerequisite GPA
MGA 201 and MGQ 201 completed successfully by the end of the fall of sophomore year.
Minimum Overall First-Year UB GPA
Your GPA for all courses taken at UB.
Class Standing (Units)
Sophomore standing achieved by completing a minimum of 30 units.
Junior standing

* If MTH 121 or MTH 141 is successfully completed prior to changing to the accounting or business administration major, these substitute for MTH 131. The School of Management's repeat policy is applied to all attempted calculus courses.

  • If you repeat a prerequisite course for your major, the second grade is counted, even if that grade is lower than the grade you earned the first time. You may not take a course for a third time. 

Important note: Although students must meet all of the conditions in the chart above, it is possible the academic review process directs students to choose an alternative major as soon as the end of the freshman year if performance indicators are too low to improve to the minimum standards in a timely fashion. Transfer students should note that they will also be subject to this review process.

Good Standing in Upper-level requirements for majors

Once students enter the upper-level (300/400 level) management courses, to maintain good academic standing in your major, you must achieve a minimum upper-level major GPA of 2.0 in addition to a UB cumulative and an overall cumulative GPA of 2.0.

Accounting majors must also achieve minimum grades of C in MGA 301, MGA 311, MGA 302 and MGA 314 to continue to the senior year accounting courses. “C” grades in both MGA 301 and MGA 311 are required to remain enrolled in MGA 302 and MGA 314. Students who are dismissed from the accounting major in the junior year can join the business administration major provided their upper-level requirements GPA is still a minimum of 2.0 and they have not failed a required management course during a second enrollment in the course. 

Entering college freshmen who were admitted directly to one of the 4+1 programs. must earn an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.25* to move seamlessly to the MS program.

  • BS/MS Accounting students must also achieve a minimum junior-senior year Accounting GPA of 3.0 to continue to the graduate courses.

Beyond the Classroom

Add value to your academic degree by engaging in experiences beyond the classroom.

  • Career Resource Center's Career Passport program provides you with comprehensive and coordinated opportunities for career development, emphasizing interpersonal and social skills required for success in business.
  • Internships and Experiential Learning Office will assist you in gaining academic credit and experience related to your career interests.
  • Student clubs within the School of Management are an excellent way to get involved with your peers and meet with professionals in your area of interest.
  • UB Study Abroad programs may be a way to enhance your education and increase your global awareness and cross-cultural skills.
  • UB Blackstone LaunchPad is a hub for entrepreneurship at UB, a destination for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to come together in the spirit of innovation. It offers many programs and engagement opportunities for students, alumni, faculty and staff to develop their skills and ideas as they become integral contributors to the larger WNY entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • The Undergraduate Management Poster Competition is an exclusive School of Management contest in which our undergraduates can showcase their work in poster format to compete for cash prizes during the UB Spring Open House.  

Curriculum Guides

Curriculum Planning Tools

Policies and Registration-Related Resources


Tutoring and Resources for Student Success

  • Undergraduate Learning and Community Center
    As a School of Management undergraduate, you have an exclusive space to study and receive academic tutoring. In the Learning Hub, you can take advantage of peer study groups, open work sessions and workshops on such topics as communication, study skills and test anxiety. Center-certified tutors provide help with the prerequisites courses for your major (ECO 181 and 182, PSY 101, MTH 131, MGA 201 and 202, and MGQ 201). If you are an international student, an ESL coach can help you create a personalized plan to improve your English skills and ease the transition to UB and American culture.

Additional resources and services: