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Congratulations on your decision to attend the University at Buffalo and to pursue a major in the School of Management.

Your first semester at the university can be an exciting yet sometimes stressful experience. The following information will guide you as you get ready to start the next phase of your academic career at UB and the School of Management. 

Note: If you are currently attending UB and wish to change to a business administration or accounting major, visit our Current Students page. If you have not yet applied to the University at Buffalo, visit our Prospective Students page.

Who is my academic advisor?

Your are assigned to an academic advisor in the School of Management based on the first letter of your last name. To schedule an appointment with your academic advisor, call 716-645-3206 or stop in 204 Alfiero. Appointments will not be scheduled by email. It is your responsibility to seek advisement. If you are in the Finish in 4 program, you are required to meet with an advisor each semester.

Undergraduate Academic Programs Advisors

Megan Bragdon
Academic Advisor

Caseload: D, P, W, Z 

Jessica Farley
Senior Academic Advisor

Caseload: B, E, G, J, Y 

Craig Mathis
Academic Advisor

Caseload: I, K, M, N, Q, X 

Mary Ann McQuade
Senior Academic Advisor

Caseload: F, L, R, U 

Samantha Pitler
Academic Advisor

Caseload: A, C, O, T 

Kirk Voskerichian
Senior Academic Advisor

Caseload: H, S, V 

When do I learn about registering for courses?

New Incoming Freshmen - Domestic Students

Freshmen entering UB will be registered by our office prior to coming on campus. You should receive your schedule by mail between late May and the end of June (new freshmen starting in a fall semester) or late December (for new freshmen starting in a spring semester). The creation of your class schedule and registration for courses is based upon input from you. We register our freshmen into their semester courses after reviewing high school transcripts, AP courses, alternative exam and/or college credits officially sent to UB along with the orientation data form you submitted. All freshmen will be introduced to the advisement team at the on-campus orientation. All freshmen will be required to attend a mandatory advisement session each semester. 

New Incoming Freshmen - International Students

International freshmen entering UB will be registered when they arrive on campus during the on campus orientation. You should expect to receive your schedule during the academic advisement session at orientation. The International Student and Scholar Services Office (ISSS) offers you more information to review before you arrive on-campus. All freshmen will be required to attend a mandatory advisement session each semester.

New Incoming Transfers - Domestic Students

An academic advisor in the School of Management will review your new student data form and transcript information submitted prior to contacting you. After this review, the advisor will contact you by phone and then email you details on what classes to register in for the upcoming semester. You will have an opportunity to speak with an advisor during your on-campus orientation. At that time, you will also learn more about future planning as well as if any additional application to the major will be required.

New Incoming Transfers - International Students

After you received an offer from UB Admissions, an academic advisor from our office will contact you by email to confirm that you will be attending and to submit a new student data form. Information from this data form will help the School of Management with course recommendations for the semester along with an evaluation of your transfer credits for admission to our major. After a careful review is completed, an advisor from our office will contact you by email with registration-related information. Students will have an opportunity to speak with an advisor during the academic session of the on-campus orientation.

What can I do to help facilitate course registration?

To ensure that we can register you into courses in a timely manner, be sure you do the following:

  1. Clear immunization holds or any other holds (Log in to your HUB Student Center to view holds and instructions specific to your hold.)
  2. Make arrangements to have high school, college, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate and/or CLEP transcripts officially sent to the University at Buffalo.

How to request official transcripts sent to UB

You must have official transcripts sent to the University at Buffalo Office of Admissions for any courses taken for college credit from any institution other than the University at Buffalo, even if these were taken during high school. Academic records are maintained at colleges and universities by the office of records or the registrar’s office. You must visit this office in person or contact the office through the college’s website. Have your official transcripts sent to the following address:

Office of Admissions
University at Buffalo
12 Capen Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260

You may also hand deliver sealed, unopened official transcripts to this address.

How to request official score reports for exam credit

You must submit official exam score reports for any exams you would like considered for credit awards at UB. Official reports should be sent to the University at Buffalo Office of Admissions. For AP or CLEP credit requests give the College Board the “SUNY Center Buffalo/School Code 2925.” Exam types considered for UB credit are described at: Check the exam websites for instructions on how to request an official score report. There is usually a fee charged for a score report. You should designate UB (SUNY Center Buffalo/School Code 2925) if a school code is requested.

How will my credits transfer to the University at Buffalo?

UB typically accepts all college-level credits from regionally accredited two- or four-year degree-granting institutions. Check how these courses match UB courses and requirements on Taurus, UB's course articulation website. Credits must be sent to UB on an official transcript from each institution you have attended.

What computer system requirements does the School of Management recommend?

You can learn about recommended computer system requirements for School of Management majors here.

What if I did not indicate I was interested in studying business administration or accounting as a major on my UB application?

New domestic students can request to update their intended major to business administration or accounting when completing the new student Orientation Data form or if the data form has already been submitted students can inform the advisor from the previous choice they selected or indicated on their UB application that they wish to change to their major to either business administration or accounting. 

New international students can contact International Admission or ISSS to request a change of their major to business administration or accounting.