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International Students

To work off campus in an internship, international students must obtain proper work authorization, called Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and be registered for academic credit corresponding with the internship concentration. All students in F-1 visa status must be present in the U.S. for nine months before participating in an internship.

  • Undergraduate students must possess junior status before participating in an internship.
  • MBA students are required to complete the entire first year of their program before participating in an internship.   
  • All graduate level (MS and MBA) students are allowed a maximum of three credits to count toward graduation.
  • International students in the School of Management are limited to a maximum of two CPT requests. A second internship/second CPT may be permitted under special circumstances only after review by IEL staff. 

Steps Required to Obtain CPT

International students are permitted to begin an internship only after CPT is fully authorized and a new I-20 has been issued. Our program is the first step in this process for international students in the School of Management.  

  1. Report your internship to the Office of Internships and Experiential Learning using BizLink.
  2. Our staff will contact your internship supervisor and request a formal offer letter along with our signed Management by Objectives (MBO) contract.
  3. After receiving the documents noted above, our office will complete your academic registration and write an advisor letter requesting CPT.
  4. You will pick up the proof of registration and the advisor letter and walk it over to the ISSS to submit.
  5. ISSS will process your CPT request (allow 3-5 days) and you will be issued a new I-20.

Important Notes

  • You can earn money and credit at the same time if an internship is paid.
  • Once you have accepted an internship offer you should not continue interviewing with other employers. Our office does not support requests to swicth internship placements.
  • MBA and MS students are not allowed to participate in internships that will cause their total number of credit hours to exceed 18 in a given semester. 
  • MBA students waived from the internship requirement must void their internship waiver through our office and follow steps 1-5 above to participate in an internship.
  • Alumni cannot earn credit for internships and may not participate in internships found in our BizLink system.

Timing of CPT

International students must secure an internship before the CPT request is made. Our program works closely with International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) to enable work authorization for internships. See our Earn Credit page for details.