Guidelines for Course-Related Activities During Non-Class Times in MBA and MS Programs

The credit hour requirements of MBA and MS programs cover only mandatory and regular class time (e.g., a 2-credit course delivered over 7 weeks requires 2 two-hour class meetings each week for 7 weeks). Instructors may offer course-related activities during non-class times, such as review sessions, exams, competitions, and presentations by executives. These extra activities, however, should not incorporate any new course content. The attendance at the activity should be fully voluntary and should not be a requirement of the related course. Instructors are not expected to give extra course credits for the purpose of encouraging students to attend the activity. Instructors also have the responsibility to ensure that the information and content of the activity that are beyond the requirements of the related course are not tested in exams for the course. To facilitate student attendance, the scheduling of these activities should be coordinated with the non-class program time that is accessible to all students.