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MSF student.

Learn by doing through immersion in the same environment that exists in top organizations. 

Additional Action Learning Opportunities

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Acquire experience in the functional areas and industries that interest you most. Work on challenging, real-world projects to refine your skills and competencies, while gaining an edge in the job market with a meaningful internship. Build your network through collaboration with colleagues and supervisors. Work with our internship experts in the Career Resource Center.

Case Competitions

Test your mettle solving complex, real-world business problems and satisfy your competitive nature.

Advance your skills and create valuable career connections with peers from other b-schools, and corporate partners who sponsor case competitions.

Draw upon your newly acquired expertise and skills to analyze your case, propose the best solutions and present your recommendations. Compete against top minds from across the country in a pressure-filled, deadline-driven competitive environment. Focus on developing your problem-solving, analysis and communication skills. Build winning teams with your peers and learn to shine on the big stage. If you're deemed the best, win serious prize money. (Pro tip: …and get some great recruiting opportunities.)

Supervised Research

Work one-on-one with a faculty member to gain a deeper understanding of a specific research topic. Broaden your knowledge of research methodologies and how to apply them. Learn practical skills in planning, critical thinking and troubleshooting to connect the classroom with the real world.