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Minakshi Trivedi

Marketing Department


PhD, (Management Science, Minor: Operations Research) University of Texas at Dallas
MBA, BK School of Management (India)
MS, Delhi University (India)
BS, Miranda House, Delhi University (India)


Dr. Trivedi's research interests lie in the area of empirical analysis for the study of retailing and consumer decisions. Her research primarily employs quantitative modeling methodologies using scanner panel, survey and/or field data, to study the impact of promotions, pricing, learning and social media on consumer behavior. She has published in many leading marketing journals such as Marketing Science, Management Science, Journal of Retailing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science and Journal of Business and Economic Statistics.

Dr. Trivedi has presented her research widely at several international conferences such as the annual marketing science conferences sponsored by two associations:  Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) and International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS). She has also been invited to present at various international universities as well as special conferences such as Generalizations in Marketing Science (Wharton School, Pennsylvania), and Game Theory in Marketing (Gerard, Hautes Etudes Commerciales [HEC], Montreal). Dr. Trivedi has received several accolades during her career including the recent Fulbright Fellowship Award (2013-14) for conducting research and a workshop in social media, multiple grants from internal as well as external sources, as a student (elected fellow for the American Marketing Association Doctoral Consortium, merit scholarship during Master of Business Administration, graduated with distinction during Master of Science), as well as a teacher and researcher (featured in the Annual Report and Honor Roll of the University at Buffalo Foundation, awarded certificate of recognition by students).

Selected Publications

Desai, Kalpesh and Minakshi Trivedi (2014), “Do Consumer Perceptions Matter in Measuring Choice Variety and Variety Seeking”, Journal of Business Research, 67, 2786-2792. 

Sridhar, Karthik, Ram Bezawada, and Minakshi Trivedi (2012), "Investigating the Drivers of Consumer Cross-Category Learning for New Products Using Multiple Data Sets ", Marketing Science, July–August, 31(4), 668–688.

Kumar, Ashish, Minakshi Trivedi, Karthik Sridhar and Ram Bezawada (2012), “A Comparative Analysis of Differential Consumer Response across Supermarket and Specialty Store in the Candy Category”, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 19, 561–569.

Trivedi Minakshi (2011), “Regional and Categorical Patterns in Consumer Behavior: Revealing Trends”, Journal of Retailing, 87(1), 18-30.

Gauri, Dinesh, Gabor Pauler and Minakshi Trivedi (2009), “Benchmarking Performance in Retail Chains: An Integrated Approach”, Marketing Science, May-June, 28(3), 502-515.

Gabor, Pauler, Minakshi Trivedi and Dinesh Gauri (2009), “Assessing Store Performance Models”, European Journal of Operations Research, 197, 349-359.

Gauri, Dinesh, Minakshi Trivedi and Dhruv Grewal (2008), “Understanding the Determinants of Retail Strategy: An Empirical Analysis”, Journal of Retailing, 84(3), 256-267. (Winner of the 2010 Davidson Honorable Mention Award for the Best Article in Journal of Retailing 2008).

Trivedi, Minakshi, Michael S. Morgan and Kalpesh K. Desai (2008), “Consumer's Value for Agent Information in Service Industry”, Journal of Services Marketing, Volume 22(2), 149-159.

Trivedi, Minakshi and Michael Morgan (2003), "Promotional Evaluation and Response among Variety Seeking Segments", Journal of Product and Brand Management, Volume 12(6), 408-423.

Trivedi, Minakshi (1999), "Using Variety Seeking Based Segmentation to Study Promotional Response", Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 27(1), 36-48.

Trivedi, Minakshi (1998), "Channels: An Extension of Exclusive Retailership", Management Science, 44(7), 896-909.

Gardener, Elizabeth and Minakshi Trivedi (1998), "A Communications Framework to Evaluate Sales Promotion Strategies", Journal of Advertising Research, 38(3), 67-72.

Trivedi, Minakshi, Frank M. Bass and Ram C. Rao (1994), "A Model of Stochastic Variety Seeking," Marketing Science, 13(3).

Trivedi, Minakshi (1995), "Channels: A Cost of Information Issue." Journal of Marketing Channels, 4(4).

Morgan, Michael S. and Minakshi Trivedi (1995), "The Order of the Brand Choice Process Revisited: Some New Perspectives on Measurement and Data Issues," Journal of Business and Economic Statistics.

Conference Presentations

Dr. Trivedi has made over 40 presentations, jointly and individually, at Marketing Science conferences, Operations Research Society and The Institute of Management Science (ORSATIMS) Joint National Meetings and internationally.

Professional Associations

Administrative Responsibilities

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Contact Information

Minakshi Trivedi
Chair, PhD Program
School of Management
University at Buffalo
215D Jacobs Management Center
Buffalo, NY 14260-4000

Tel: 716-645-3213
Email: mtrivedi@buffalo.edu