2021 School of Management Alumni Association Board of Director Committees

Executive Committee

Laura Berrady, President
Marc Adler
Nicklaus Ambrose
Christopher Eglin
Adam Fries
Jerilyn Hickey
Lisa LaTrovato
Daniel Liebel

James Macri
Andrew Peer
David Reading
Michael Schaffstall
Dorothy Siaw-Asamoah
Gina Sottile
Jacob Walsh
Anthony Zoratti

Finance (Cynthia Shore - Liaison)
Maintain and report financial results and develop annual budget.

Gina Sottile, Chair

Nicklaus Ambrose, Vice Chair

Program Development & Events (Caitlin McNulty - Liaison)
Develop events that engage alumni and generate positive net revenue.

Lisa LaTrovato, Co-Chair

Anthony Zoratti, Co-Chair

Student Relations/ Young Alumni (Hailley Fenski - Liaison)
Create interaction with students and young alumni resulting in engagement.

James Macri, Chair

Adam Fries, Vice Chair
Jacob Walsh, Vice Chair

Communications & Engagement (Hailley Fenski - Liaison)
Track and communicate alumni impact and engagement opportunities.

Christopher Eglin, Chair

Marc Adler, Vice Chair

Nomination/Board Development (Hailley Fenski - Liaison)
Identify new board members and executive team.

Andrew Peer, Chair

Jerilyn Hickey, Vice Chair

Faculty Relations (Cynthia Shore - Liaison)
Create and support faculty-alumni interactions to achieve teaching, research and alumni engagement objectives.

Michael Schaffstall, Chair

Dorothy Siaw-Asamoah, Vice Chair

Ad Hoc Boldly Buffalo (Caitlin McNulty - Liaison)
Identify opportunities to support the Boldly Buffalo campaign and all fundraising efforts.

David Reading, Chair

Lisa LaTrovato, Chair