Articles and Books

Accounting and Law

Hamlen, S. S., Hamlen, W. A., & Southwick, L. (2013). A model of progressive employee compensation and superstardom. Theoretical Economic Letters 3 (3A), 1-6.

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Finance and Managerial Economics

Chung, K. H., Elder, J., & Kim, J. C. (2013). Liquidity and information flow around monetary policy announcement . Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 45 (5), 781-820.

Ehrlich, I. & Yin, Y. (2013). Equilibrium health spending and population aging in a model of endogenous growth: will the GDP share of health spending keep rising? Journal of Human Capital 7 (4), 411-447.

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Tiu, C. I. & Yoeli, U. (2013). Asset pricing with endogenous disasters. Review of Financial Studies 26 (11), 2916-2960.

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Management Science and Systems

Agrawal, M., Hariharan, G., Rao, H. R., & Kishore, R. (2013). Competition in mediation services: modeling the role of expertise, satisfaction and switching costs. Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce 23 (3), 169-199.

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Xiao, N., Sharman, R., Rao, H. R., & Upadhyaya, S. (2014). Factors influencing online health information search: an empirical analysis of a national cancer-related survey. Decision Support Systems 57, 417-427.

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Bezawada, R. & Pauwels, K. (2013). What is special about marketing organic products? How organic assortment, price, and promotions drive retailer performance. Journal of Marketing 77 (1) 31-51.

Blocker, C. P., Ruth, J. A., Sridharan, S., Beckwith, C., Ekici, A., Goudie-Hutton, M., Rosa, J. A., Saatcioglu, B., Talukdar, D., Trujillo, C., & Varman, R. (2013). Understanding poverty and promoting poverty alleviation through transformative consumer research. Journal of Business Research 66 (8) 1195-1202.

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Talukdar, D. & Lindsey, C.  (2013). To buy or not to buy: consumers’ demand response patterns for healthy versus unhealthy food. Journal of Marketing 77 (2), 124-138.

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Operations Management and Strategy

Li, Y. & Chi, T., (2013). Venture capitalists’ decision to withdraw: the role of portfolio configuration from a real options lens. Strategic Management Journal 34 (11), 1351-1366. doi: 10.1002/smj.2073

Lin, W. T. & Kao, T. W. (2014). The partial adjustment valuation approach with dynamic and variable speeds of adjustment to evaluating and measuring the business value of information technology. European Journal of Operational Research 238 (1), 208-220.

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Wang, C. X., Webster, S., & Zhang, S. (2014). Robust price-setting newsvendor model with interval market size and consumer willingness-to-pay. International Journal of Production Economics 154 (8), 100-112.

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Organization and Human Resources

Dansereau, F., Seitz, S., Chiu, C., Shaughnessy, B., & Yammarino, F. (2013). What makes leadership, leadership? Using self-expansion theory to integrate traditional and contemporary approaches. Leadership Quarterly 24 (6), 798-821.

Li, Q., Maggitti, P., Smith, K., Tesluk, P. E., & Katila, R. (2013). Top management attention to innovation: the role of search selection and intensity in new product introductions. Academy of Management Journal 56 (3), 893-916.

Maynes, T. D. & Podsakoff, P. M. (2014). Speaking more broadly: an examination of the nature, antecedents, and consequences of an expanded set of employee voice behaviors. Journal of Applied Psychology 99 (1), 87-112.

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