School of Management IT Services

The School of Management IT department provides quality, personalized, knowledgeable and efficient services to the school faculty, staff and students.

The IT department encompasses information technology and school facilities. If you have questions regarding either one, send an email to or call 716-645-3210. All UBIT student account questions are answered by the CIT Help Desk.

The school staff, faculty and student employees can request an IT service or report a problem with the School of Management IT infrastructure.
Reserve school resources for work- and teaching-related activities.
Print supply order form, check off the supplies you want, and enter other supplies you would like to order on blank rows at the bottom of form. Email completed form to or return the hard copy of form to 119 Jacobs Management Center (mailroom). Orders are delivered to your secretary, unless otherwise specified on order form. There may be a 1-2 week delay for large volume orders. The Mailroom will send email notifications for out-of-stock items.
Full-time faculty can submit their cost-sharing request.
Request that an event, announcement or welcome message appear the TVs in Alfiero Center and Jacobs Management Center.
Resources for staff and faculty who maintain the school website or have questions about using the website or other Web-related technologies.
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