The School of Management offers three undergraduate degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Business Administration, or Information Technology and Management.

BS in Accounting or BS in Business Administration

For our Bachelor of Science in accounting and business administration, you must complete the seven prerequisite courses and requirements listed in the chart below.

  • If you were admitted to the accounting or business administration major as a freshman, you must meet the standards below before starting the upper-level requirements (300/400 management courses). To apply to change majors within the School of Management, visit the Undergraduate Programs Office in 204 Alfiero Center.

Important note: If you're a high school student interested in the accounting or business administration major, you should apply early for admission to the University at Buffalo. Due to the quantitative nature of these majors, you should complete precalculus and be calculus-ready prior to enrollment.

  • If you are a new transfer student who applied to UB as an accounting or business administration major, you will automatically be considered for admission to the major by the School of Management. 
  • If you are a current UB student in a non-management major and wish to add or change your major to accounting or business administration, submit a change of major request. Your request will be reviewed by the School of Management and you will receive an email with your admission decision and instructions for making an academic advisement appointment.  Submit a major information request if you aren't ready to change your major, but want to learn more about the accounting or business administration major. An initial evaluation of your academic record with information about the major will be sent to you. 

Major Change Request Deadlines

  • March 15 for fall admission
  • October 1 for spring admission

If you submit a request by the deadline, you will receive notification of the admission decision before the start of registration for the next semester.  Late requests are accepted - however, there is no guarantee that you will receive an admission decision before registration for the next semester begins.  Admission into these majors for the current semester closes on the last day of drop/add.

When to Submit Your Major Change Request

Students can submit Major Change Request before any prerequisite courses for the accounting and business administration major are completed. If you are in the last prerequisite course for the major, submit your Major Change Request at least four weeks prior to your enrollment date to avoid delay in registering for upper-division courses in the major.

Starting the Junior-Year Curriculum

Approved accounting and business administration majors must complete the admission criteria to enroll in upper-level curriculum in the major (300/400 level management courses).

Accounting majors can only start junior-level courses in a fall semester.

Admission Criteria Chart

Admission Criteria

Minimum Standards
Business Administration

Cumulative GPA in seven management prerequisite courses (PGPA)

The prerequisite courses are:
PSY 101, ECO 181-182, MTH 131*, MGQ 201, MGA 201-202

How do I calculate my prerequisite GPA?

3.0 2.5
Overall transfer GPA at entry to UB
This transfer GPA cannot be improved once you start attending UB.
3.0 2.5
This GPA includes all courses completed at UB
3.0 2.5
Cumulative overall GPA
This GPA includes all courses completed at UB and all transfer credits
3.0 2.5
Class standing (units)
Junior standing achieved by completing 60 units
Junior standing Junior standing
Minimum grades in MGA 201 and MGA 202 (each course)
B Must complete both 

Major Change Requests

Read the important reminders above


Accepted throughout the year Accepted throughout the year

* If MTH 121 or MTH 141 has an earned grade, these substitute for MTH 131. The School of Management's repeat policy is applied to all attempted calculus courses.

  • Admission requirements and policies are set by School of Management faculty and are subject to change.
  • If you repeat a prerequisite course for your major, the second grade is counted, even if that grade is lower than the grade you earned the first time. You may not take a course for a third time. 

BS in Information Technology Management

Admission to the program is limited and highly competitive. 

Freshman Admission to the Program
Admission to the BS in Information Technology and Management is limited and highly competitive. To be considered, select the appropriate major on the UB application.  All applicants will be reviewed by the admissions committee, and the top 50 will be offered admission. 

Transfer Admission to the Program
Transfer students must first gain admission to the university. After accepting admission to UB and submitting a deposit, new incoming transfer students who select Information Technology and Management on their application will automatically have their transcripts reviewed by the School of Management. Students must meet the minimum standards to be considered, but should be mindful that space is limited. Transfer students not admitted to this major may want to consider requesting a review for admission to our BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems.

Current UB Students Applying to the Program
Current UB students who did not apply to the School of Management at entry to UB and who have a cumulative minimum GPA of 3.0 and wish to apply to the BS in Information Technology and Management major will be considered for admission on a space availability basis. For addition information about how to apply to this major, students may email the Undergraduate Programs Office for additional information. Admission to this major occurs only for fall semesters, therefore interested student must inquiry during the prior spring semester about how to apply.

Note: If you are currently attending UB and wish to change to a business administration or accounting major, submit a Major Change Request. If you have not yet applied to the University at Buffalo, visit our Prospective Undergraduates page.