The School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and the School of Management offer a five-year (10 semesters) program leading to both an MD and an MBA degree.

Students apply separately to both Schools. Applications do not have to be submitted concurrently. Applicants should review admissions requirements. Applicants to the MD/MBA program are not required to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the GRE provided that they have previously taken the MCAT. If you are an early assurance medical student, you will be required to take the GMAT or GRE. Personal advisement is available at the Graduate Programs Office in 203 Alfiero Center, North Campus.

If completed as a combined program:

  • 27 hours— MBA core courses
  • 18 hours— MBA electives**
  • xx hours— Total Medicine – dependent on specific curriculum

** In the stand-alone MBA program 33 credits of MBA electives are required for a total of 60 credits. However, students in the dual program are allowed a five-course reduction in light of simultaneously working on the medical degree.

Students in this MD/MBA program will participate in a cohort or learning community with a group of full-time MBA students. Therefore, core courses will not be waived.

Suggested Curriculum

First Year

  • Fall and Spring Semester
    • All Medicine - Basic Science

Second Year

  • Fall and Spring Semester
    • All Medicine - Basic Science

Third Year

  • Fall and Spring Semester
    • All Medicine - Clinical

Fourth Year

  • Fall Semester
    • MGA 603 Financial Accounting for Managers (2 credits) 
    • MGB 610 Organizational Behavior (2 credits)
    • MGB 611 Team Skills (1 credit)
    • MGF 611 Financial Analysis for Managers (2 credits)
    • MGO 658 Foundations of Entrepreneurship (1.5 credits)
    • MGG 635 Management Communications (1.5 credits)
    • MGM 615  Marketing for Managers (2 credits)
    • MGQ 608 Statistical Analysis for Managers (2 credits)
    • MGQ 609 Analytics for Managers (1 credit)
  • Spring Semester
    • MGA 605 Accounting for Management Decision Making (2 credits)
    • MGE 604 Business Economics (2 credits)
    • MGO 620 Operations Management (2 credits)
    • MGO 640 Business Strategy (2 credits)
    • MGS 605 It Management (2 credits)
    • MGT electives (6 credits)

Fifth Year

  • Fall Semester
    • Clinical Medicine (4 4-week blocks)
  • Spring Semester
    • MGX 648 MBA Internship
    • MGO 642 Integration of Business Functions (1 credit)
    • MGO 644 Business Practice (1 credit)
    • MBA Elective
    • MBA Elective
    • MBA Elective

An application for the School of Medicine may be obtained from:

School of Medicine
Admissions Office
35 Biomedical Education Building
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14214 
Tel: 716-829-3465