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Family Business

In addition to the standard entrepreneurial toolbox, family businesses often need help managing the unique challenges that arise when family members work together.

The University at Buffalo School of Management’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership has developed a portfolio of resources focused exclusively on supporting the unique challenges and needs associated with family business while addressing the traditional needs of the entrepreneur. Through specially designed workshops, peer groups, interactive educational programming and networking, the CEL is taking care of family business by promoting and facilitating opportunities for relational and business growth that will enpower you to:

There are two ways for your family business to get involved and get the specialized support you need: enroll in our Growing a Healthy Family Business course or become a member of the CEL Family Business Association.

Who Should Apply

Owners and key family members of family-owned businesses.

Application Process

To register, please click here or contact the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership at (716) 885-5715 or mgt-cel@buffalo.edu.

Learn More

To obtain program fees, request a brochure or learn more, contact the CEL office at mgt-cel@buffalo.edu or (716) 885-5715.