Taxation Track

Photo of student Brittany Popovski, Master of Science Accounting 2017.

Taxes are inevitable.

That's good news if you're a tax accountant.

Individuals, small businesses, large corporations and even nonprofits require supportive resources and strategic services to comply with the complicated and ever-changing U.S. tax laws, creating a constant demand for tax professionals.

Are you ready for the next step in your accounting career?

  • Take courses in advanced tax, tax research and data analytics, and take a deep dive with tax planning for multi-jurisdictional entities, tax planning for the closely held business, corporate mergers and acquisitions, accounting for income taxes and advanced topics in partnership taxation.
  • Work on complex corporate, partnership and business owner tax returns within a CPA firm’s tax department, building on coursework in taxation of business entities and more advanced topics in corporate and partnership taxation courses.
  • Engage in tax planning and consulting for high-wealth clients and corporations, implementing concepts and techniques learned in coursework focused on closely held businesses and tax research.
  • Develop your expertise in international and multistate taxation and in corporate mergers and acquisitions, building on topics studied in multi-jurisdictional taxation and advanced C corporation courses.
  • Manage an audit team that provides assurance regarding the client’s financial statement tax provisions, using coursework covering advanced topics in income tax accounting.
  • Capitalize on your body of tax coursework and experience to advance to corporate tax director, on your way to chief financial officer and chief executive officer.

Taxation Track Curriculum


MGA 621LEC Data Analytics for Accountants

An in-depth study of data related to key business process risks and internal controls, financial statement analysis, and tax analysis. Critical thinking skills are enhanced by applying accounting concepts and knowledge learned in other courses to data sets. Effective communication of the data analysis results to management is included. Experience using Microsoft Excel, Computer Assisted Audit Tools (CAAT's), and web based business intelligence software is provided.

Credits: 3.00
Semesters offered: Spring 2018

MGA 654 Advance Topics in ASC740 and Subchapter K

Course description is currently not available.

Track Courses:

MGA 651LEC Tax Planning for the Closely-Held Business

This course introduces the tax planning issues and opportunities relevant to assisting a closely-held business and its principals throughout their respective lifecycles. The course will integrate the concepts of choice of entity, financing, compensation planning, retirement and other employee benefit planning, gift and estate planning and inter-generational ownership transfers.

Credits: 3.00
Semesters offered: Spring 2018

MGA 653LEC Advanced Topics in Corporate Taxation

MGA 653 is a continuation of the study of the U.S. income tax law governing corporations and their owners that began in MGA 612. This course will focus on some of the more complex income tax issues encountered by established C corporations including consolidated tax returns, corporate liquidating distributions, corporate acquisitions and reorganizations, and advanced tax accounting issues.

Credits: 3.00
Semesters offered: Spring 2018

  • MGX XXX Business Elective