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Management Information Systems

Professionals who work in the management of information systems work in a wide variety of functions. Considering just how technologically savvy you are, you may find yourself working in such functions as web or digital design, e-commerce, application development or programming, database design and data mining, systems development and analysis, networking, IT security and assurance, IT architecture, project management, technical sales, or customer support.

These professionals find work in a varied set of industries, from public to private and from large to small. In essence, any organization in any industry has technology needs. MIS is different from computer science in that computer science professionals tend to develop the technology used while MIS professionals use these technology solutions to create business value. MIS professionals make organizations more efficient and effective by their use of systems, hardware, data, software and procedures.


To learn more about the Management Information Systems(MIS) areas and courses included within the concentration or program, please refer to the academic curriculum.

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