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Health Care Management

As healthcare continues to evolve it is important for students to understand and gain the skills necessary to succeed in the industry.

From hospitals, to health insurance companies to long-term care providers healthcare problems and solutions are becoming more complex. Students must demonstrate team skills, quantitative analysis and integrative analysis to be competitive in this industry.

Industry Overview

The players in the health care industry break down into three categories: providers, payers and industry. The providers include all clinical health care like doctors, nurses, hospitals and clinics. While the payers are the insurance companies. They are researching the most cost effective way to deliver health care and they determine your health coverage and treatments. Industry includes many differnt companies and positions, from pharmaceutical companies researching and creaing the drugs to the those working in banks doing research on health care companies for investment purposes. 

  • Biotechnology
  • Medicat Devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Health IT (electronic records, data analysis and security)
  • Health Finance (investments, venture capital, M&A)
    • Citi - Biotechnology Equity Research

Professional Organizations

Healthcare Job Resources

Healthcare and Life Science Resources


To learn more about the Health Care Management area and courses included within the concentration or program, please refer to the academic curriculum.