Establish a Campus Presence

Increase the visibility of your organization with on-campus interviews, employer information sessions and internships.

Brand recognition is critical for attracting talented candidates. You can increase the visibility of your organization by participating in a number of ways, both on campus and virtually. Some events and opportunities focus on certain degree programs or student populations. To discuss how your organization can establish a strong campus presence, contact Amy Johnson, employer relations manager, at or 716-645-3227.

All options are available on campus, virtually, or in a hybrid format.

Recruiting Events

On-Campus and Virtual Interviewing

Interview candidates for full-time or part-time opportunities, internships or leadership conferences using our CRC interview rooms located in the School of Management. Virtual and hybrid (combination in-person and virtual) interviewing are also available. The CRC works in tandem with your recruiting office to ensure a customized and streamlined approach, based on the needs of your company.

The recruitment season runs from September to November and from February to April. To schedule on-campus or virtual interviews, you can request an on-campus schedule through BizLink or contact Kristina Martin, recruitment coordinator at or 716-645-3232.

Employer Information Sessions

If your goal is to encourage as many students as possible to consider a career with your company, your best option is to conduct an employer information session, career-related workshop or branded opportunity to meet with students early in the semester and in advance of any scheduled interviews. Attendance at these events is greatest when they are sponsored by one of our many student organizations and clubs.

Alternatively, if you wish to meet students informally and provide them with company information without using valuable interview time, hosting a company information session the evening before your on-campus interview date is best suited to your needs. Typically,"evening before" information sessions are attended only by those candidates already preselected to interview, and oftentimes, are coordinated by the employer. 

Employer information sessions can be conducted in-person or virtually. The CRC will coordinate with you and promote your session, based on your company’s recruitment needs.

If you would like to schedule a company information session, contact Amy Johnson, employer relations manager, at or 716-645-3227.


An employer-in-residence is an opportunity for a company to meet with smaller groups of students and have more intimate conversations about the company and opportunities available.

Employer-in-residence sessions can be conducted in-person or virtually. The CRC will coordinate with you and promote your session, based on your company’s recruitment needs.

If you would like to schedule an employer-in-residence session, contact Amy Johnson, employer relations manager, at or 716-645-3227.

Job Fairs and Events

Another way to increase your visibility is at the various job fairs and recruiting events throughout the year. This calendar lists upcoming recruiting and networking events, including career fairs, recruiting events and virtual opportunities. If you would like to participate in an upcoming job fair or recruiting event, contact the Amy Johnson, employer relations manager, at or 716-645-3227.

Ways to Engage

Similar to recruiting events, there are a number of other ways to engage with business students, both on-campus and virtually. To learn more or to schedule your branding opportunity, contact Amy Johnson, employer relations manager, at or 716-645-3227.

Student Clubs

Student groups can be a wonderful avenue to connect with students and help spread the word about your company and its opportunities.
Timing: fall and spring

Undergraduate Career Connections Courses

Every School of Management undergraduate is required to complete a two-course sequence (MGG215 and MGG315) in career planning and strategies, which is taught by the Career Resource Center staff. Employers (especially alumni) can participate as a presenter or panelist. Each semester, numerous speakers from the business community are invited to discuss various career topics.  
Timing: fall, spring and summer

Coffee Cup Conversations

This series is an interactive monthly program that features guest speakers from a variety of professional backgrounds who share their expertise on a range of topics, including exploring management career paths, tips and strategies for success in the workplace, how to find the right fit, and land the ideal internship or job. This is a more informal, smaller group setting.
Timing: fall and spring

Power Chats

Students can ask questions of an experienced business leader, hearing about their individual career path and insights on strategies for success. These sessions can take place either in-person or virtually.
Timing: fall and spring

MBA Advantage

This program is a professional development series for full-time MBA students. It provides several opportunities for School of Management alumni to interact with current students and get to know the class. This includes realistic job preview sessions, a mock interview competition, internship sessions, recruiter panel, concentration panels and team-building activities.
Timing: January, August and September

Network New York

This annual networking event provides an excellent forum to renew old UB acquaintances and meet undergraduate and graduate students who are eager to learn more about an alumnus’s profession. This is not a recruitment event but an educational one. The structure includes both open networking with students and alumni and small group chats of realistic job previews.
Timing: January