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Educational Technology Equipped Classrooms (ETEC)

The School of Management has nine educational technology equipped classrooms (ETEC).  There are six in Jacobs Management Center and three in the Alfiero Center.

ETEC Facilities Available

Usage Instructions

Jacobs 106 / 110 / 112 / 122 / 214 / 320
Alfiero 102 / 103 / 104 

Questions: See IT staff at 716-645-3210, or Connie Rieck, 118 Jacobs, 716-645-3210, mgt-it@buffalo.edu

Combinations: Faculty needs to see Connie Rieck or member of the IT staff.

Keys: See Connie Rieck for keys. When you are not teaching for a semester in an ETEC room, please return your keys.

Alarms: Each piece of equipment within the podium cabinet is alarmed. Please do not move any device (except the mouse, projector remote control, and microphone), since the alarm will sound and will alert Public Safety. If the alarm is accidentally triggered, please notify both Public Safety and the school's IT staff immediately. The consultants in the Jacobs Computer Lab, 716-645-3332, can contact the IT staff.

Podium: Each podium is outfitted with a Creston touch-screen system which controls all equipment in the cabinet as well as the projector. Press the "Push to Begin" button on the touch-screen to enable the "system."

LCD Projector

Steps to follow for each class