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Certification of Readiness and Excellence

What is at the CORE of Every Great Leader?

That's what the University at Buffalo School of Management has been asking corporate recruiters for decades. We know that corporate leaders want business school graduates with skills beyond industry knowledge and technical ability.

To ensure our graduates are management ready and can create value for their organizations, we've developed a comprehensive leadership certification program called LeaderCORE that spans the entire two years of our MBA program. Through LeaderCORE, our students navigate real-world business situations while developing a set of clearly identified management competencies that lead to effective performance in the workplace.

Competency Focused

The driving force behind LeaderCORE is a focus on core competencies considered vital by the business community for effective performance and successful leadership. These competencies are organized into three key leadership dimensions with integrity as a unifying value, as illustrated here.

Learn more about the competencies:

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