MBA Case Competitions

Two female students and one male student who won the 2018 Whitman Case Competition holding a large fake check for $5,000.

Winners of the 2018 Whitman Case Competition, from left: Vaishnavi Ravichandran, MBA ’18; Ashish Poojari, MBA ’18; and Mugdha Patil, MBA ’18.

Test your mettle solving complex, real-world business problems and satisfy your competitive nature.

Advance your skills and create valuable career connections with peers from other b-schools, and corporate partners who sponsor MBA competitions.

Draw upon your newly acquired MBA expertise and skills to analyze your case, propose the best solutions and present your recommendations. Compete against top MBAs from across the country in a pressure-filled, deadline-driven competitive environment. Focus on developing your problem-solving, analysis and communication skills. Join our Case Competition Club to build winning teams with your peers and learn to shine on the big stage. If you're deemed the best, win serious prize money. (Pro tip: …and get some great recruiting opportunities.)

UB MBAs Compete to Win

UB MBAs are among the top four finishers of national MBA case competitions, including:

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“Case competitions are among the most formative experiences in the MBA program, encapsulating everything we’ve learned into a single event. The Whitman competition helped us focus on our personal competencies, like trusting your teammates, handling situational pressure and being detail-oriented, confident and well prepared.”
Ashish Poojari, MBA ’18 

UB Hosts National MBA Case Competition

Launched in 2018, the UB School of Management hosts an annual MBA case competition, inviting MBA students from top programs across the nation. Designed and executed by UB MBAs, the ladder-style competition is blind judged by senior executives from our corporate sponsors and other firms. Managing a national competition gives our MBAs an opportunity to lead a major school initiative, and collaborating with a corporate partner brings networking and career development opportunities to all participating MBAs.

Learn more about the 2019 UB MBA Case Competition

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Thank you to Dun & Bradstreet for sponsoring our 2018 case competition.

Eight Ways Case Competitions Can Enhance Your Business Degree

If you think a business degree is just about taking classes, think again. Here are eight ways case competitions can enhance your business degree.