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2015 School of Management Alumni Association Board of Director Committees

Executive Committee

Andy Peer, President Greg Duval
Marc Adler Dan Liebel
Carly Battin Kathy O'Donnell
Marty Boryszak Mike Olfano
Tom Cogan Ryan Osborne
Jonathan Davis Tom Palmer
Jill Douglas Mike Schaffstall

Standing Committees

Finance (Cynthia Shore - Liaison)

Maintain and report financial results, develop annual budget and negotiate contracts.

Greg Duval, Chair Marty Boryszak, Vice Chair
Bill Hamilton Paul Quebral

Programs (Caitlin McNulty- Liaison) 

Develop events that engage alumni, generating positive net revenue; Integrate SOMAA programing with opportunities offered by UB OAE.

Jonathan Davis, Chair Mike Olfano, Vice Chair
Samantha Ellis Scot Millen
Stephen Thompson (Fellow) Amanda Kearns (Fellow)
Bill Oliver (Non-Board Volunteer)

Student Relations (Hailley MacDonald - Liaison)

Create student-alumni interaction resulting in involvement upon graduation.

Ryan Osborne, Chair Jill Douglas, Vice Chair
Chris Eglin John Wright
Mike Giamusso Tony Zoratti
Lauren Lopez Daniel Piccoli (GMA President)
Alisa Ho (UMA President)

Member Relations (Hailley MacDonald - Liaison)

Communicate alumni impact and engagement opportunities.

Marc Adler, Chair Mike Schaffstall, Vice Chair
Laura Berrady Turner Gutmann
Joe Pizzutelli (Non-Board Volunteer)

 Nomination/Board Development (Hailley MacDonald - Liaison)

 Identify, recruit and develop new board members and executive team.

Dan Liebel, Chair Sujata Yalamanchili

Faculty Relations (Pamela Zablonski - Liasion)

 Create and support faculty-alumni interactions to achieve teaching, research and alumni engagement objectives.

Kathy O'Donnell, Chair Carly Battin, Vice Chair
Sudha Bommidi Tom Cogan
Courtney Walsh (Executive Education)

Golf Committee (Caitlin McNulty - Liaison)

Achieve annual net revenue goal via sponsors and golfers.

Chris Hart-Nova, Chair Kevin Kirk                        
Tom Barney Rick Licursi
Paul Buckley Dan Wolfe (Non-Board Volunteer)

Ad Hoc MBA Recruitment (Cynthia Shore - Liaison)

Partner with the school to help meet its MBA recruitment and admissions goals.

Gerry Murak, Chair Marty Boryszak               
Sudha Bommidi Matt Wagner
Tom Bender (Non-Board Volunteer)