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2-3-2018 — Emily Grijalva, assistant professor of organization and human resources, was interviewed by the New Zealand Herald, the country's largest newspaper, about how to identify and deal with a narcissist in the workplace.

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Jan-16-2018 — Brian Wolfe, assistant professor of finance, was featured in a WalletHub story about the best credit card rates.

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Dec-27-2017 — Charles Lindsey, associate professor of marketing, was interviewed for American Public Media's Marketplace about how retailers are handling the ever-increasing number of product returns.

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Dec-19-2017 — The Economist highlighted research by Feng Gu, associate professor and chair of accounting and law, that showed intangible investments are a better indication of future growth than reported earnings.

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Dec-19-2017 — Business Insider Australia highlighted research by KiYoung Lee, assistant professor of organization and human resources, that found employees who are undermined at work are more likely to sabotage their co-workers.