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9-28-2018 — In an article about the impact of naked short selling on financial markets, Forbes interviews and cites research by Veljko Fotak, assistant professor of finance.

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9-26-2018 — In a Harvard Business Review article, Jim Lemoine, assistant professor of organization and human resources, shared research he co-authored, showing how one manager's empowering leadership style can have spillover effects throughout an organization.

8-30-2018 — Paul Tesluk, professor and dean of the School of Management, was interviewed by The New York Times about the role team chemistry plays in success on the sports field and in the workplace.

8-22-2018 — MarketWatch highlighted research by Emily Grijalva, assistant professor of organization and human resources, and PhD student Katie Badura that found the gender gap in leadership persists, largely because of biases against communal traits.

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8-19-2018 — Yahoo News cited research by Feng Gu, associate professor and chair of accounting and law, that showed quarterly earnings reports have lost their relevance for investers.