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Degree Programs

The undergraduate degree programs in the School of Management are designed to prepare students for eventual managerial roles in both the private and the nonprofit sectors. The curriculum emphasizes both a broad exposure to mathematics and the social sciences and a general education in management studies. The program of study in management gives particular attention to understanding the business firm in society; the management functions of planning and control; the behavior of organizations
Full-Time MBA
Learn how an MBA from the University at Buffalo, State University of New York will give you a competitive edge, positioning you for success in the world of business.
Executive MBA
The Executive MBA is a 20-month, weekend program designed for high-potential managers. You’ll develop relationships with other executives and learn from internationally recognized faculty. The cutting edge management practices articulated throughout the program will strategically impact your organization.
Singapore Executive MBA
For experienced professionals seeking to optimize their qualifications and skill sets, the Singapore Executive MBA is the ideal platform for propelling careers to the next level.
Professional MBA
The Professional MBA is a 33-month, part-time evening program specifically designed with working professionals in mind. You can be assured that projects within the program apply to real world situations. What you learn in the classroom is applicable to your day-to-day work.
Master of Science
The School of Management’s Master of Science degree programs offer in-depth study in a range of areas. They are designed for students who wish to obtain a comprehensive graduate-level education in a management field, but do not wish to take the extra time required to complete the school’s broader-based MBA program.
PhD in Management
This program was developed to meet your educational and career-development needs. PhD graduates successfully do research and teach in universities and colleges, as well as work in public and private organizations.
Programs Abroad
The UB School of Management is a pioneer in the development of MBA programs in Asia, having launched the very first U.S.-style MBA program in China in 1984.
Certificate and Affiliate
In addition to our undergraduate, MBA and MS management degree offerings, the School of Management is associated with several university schools and departments in the presentation of numerous academic initiatives.