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Sanjukta Das Smith

Associate Professor
Management Science and Systems Department


PhD, Operations and Information Management, University of Connecticut, 2007
MS, Management Systems, Clarkson University, 2001
MBM, Personnel Management, Calcutta University, 2000
B Com, Accounting, Calcutta University, 1998

Noteworthy Academic Service

External Grants

Co-PI on the research project “An Analytical Approach to Quantifying Availability (AQUA) for Cloud Resource Provisioning and Allocation”, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) (2014 – 2016). Award Amount: $400,000.

Co-PI on the research project “Disaster Resilience and Availability Prediction (DRAP) for Clouds”, funded by Google (2012-13). Award Amount: $102,000


UB's Exceptional Scholar - Young Investigator Award 2012.

Selected Research 

Du, A.Y., Das, S., Gopal, R. D. and Ramesh, R., “Optimal Management of Digital Content on Tiered Infrastructure Platforms,” Forthcoming at Information Systems Research.

Du, A.Y., Das, S. and Ramesh, R., Efficient Risk Hedging by Dynamic Forward Pricing: A Study in Cloud Computing, INFORMS Journal on Computing, Fall 2013, 25(4).

Chai, S., Das, S. and Rao, H.R., “Factors Affecting Bloggers’ Knowledge Sharing on Social Networking Websites: A Socio-Technical Approach,” Journal of Management Information Systems, Winter 2011 – 2012, 28(3), pp. 309-341.

Das, S., Du, A.Y., Gopal, R. and Ramesh, R., "Risk Management and Optimal Pricing in Online Storage Grids," Information Systems Research, December 2011, 22(4), pp. 756-773.

Bapna, R. Das, S., Day, R., Garfinkel, R. and Stallaert, J., "A Clock-and-Offer Auction Market for Grid Resource When Bidders Face Stochastic Computational Needs," INFORMS Journal on Computing, Fall 2011, 23(4), pp. 630-647.

Du, A.Y., Das, S., Gopal, R.D. and Ramesh, R., "Risk Hedging in Storage Grid Markets:  Do Options Add Value to Forwards?" ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, June 2011, 2(2).

Bapna, R., Das, S., Garfinkel, R. and Stallaert, J., "A Market Design for Grid Computing," INFORMS Journal on Computing, Winter 2008, 20(1), pp. 100-111.

Das, S., "Timing Movie Release on the Internet in the Context of Piracy," Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, October - December 2008, 18(4), pp. 307-332.

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Contact Information

Sanjukta Das Smith

Sanjukta Das Smith
Associate Professor
Management Science and Systems
School of Management
University at Buffalo
325E Jacobs Management Center
Buffalo, NY 14260-4000

Tel: 716-645-3254