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Department Finances

The vast majority of the resources necessary to run the Department of Accounting and Law come from the contributions of our alumni and friends. We receive state funding for faculty and staff compensation, individual faculty budgets, research assistants, and general computer needs, but no state funding for other costs. Contributions are used to support normal department operating costs, but the majority are used to directly support accounting faculty and students, to maintain the high quality of our accounting programs. A breakdown of general expenditures appear below (amounts rounded to the nearest $100).

Types of activities funded by your contributions include: 

Student support: Activities of the two accounting clubs (Beta Alpha Psi, UB Accounting Association), support for doctoral student travel to conferences, expenses for student information sessions, scholarships.

Teaching and research support: Graders, proctors, supplies, visiting speakers, databases, research workshops.

Faculty support: Travel to conferences and professional development seminars, hardware, software.

Professional activities: Banquets, professional membership fees, newsletter.




Student support $29,100  $12,600
Department operations 7,500  10,700
Research support 5,500  4,300
Teaching support 8,700  6,300
Faculty support 18,000  11,500
Professional activities 6,100  9,400
Total expenditures $74,900  $54,800