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Accounting Department Mission

The mission of the Department of Accounting and Law is to advance the accounting discipline and profession through scholarly research, educational programs, and professional and community service.

Shared Values


Strategies: Supporting Scholarship

Strategies: Supporting Professional Programs

Goals for Specific Programs

Undergraduate and Master's Programs in Accounting

Provide undergraduate and master's students with the skills necessary for successful careers as leaders in the accounting profession. Our programs will train students in the conceptual and technical accounting skills and communication and interpersonal skills necessary for success in the profession, and provide students with the ability to recognize ethical problems and resolve them in a way that meets the ethical standards of the profession. Students will understand how the results of scholarly research impact the profession. They will become familiar with the accounting profession and its role in global markets.

PhD in Accounting

Train PhD students for successful careers as accounting faculty members at research-oriented academic institutions. The program will develop the skills necessary to do original accounting and relevant scholarly research, publishable in high quality journals, and to engage in effective teaching.