Withdrawal from Program

  • Academic Withdrawal

    Under extraordinary circumstances, graduate students may petition for total academic withdrawal from a given term. The Graduate School will only consider cases where the student or department (on the student's behalf) can document:

    • Lengthy medical incapacitation of the student or a member of the student's immediate family or
    • death of a student's immediate family member or
    • military orders issued to a student or
    • other similarly extraordinary measures as petitioned by the student.

    Academic withdrawal is for the entirety of a student's registration in that term (i.e., these cases are considered on an all or nothing basis). The deadline for graduate students to submit petitions for total academic withdrawal is the end of the subsequent academic term. The Graduate School reserves the right to consult members of the faculty and others as appropriate when reviewing total academic withdrawal cases.

    Academic withdrawal from the term will be indicated on the transcript by the symbol W (withdrawal) next to each registered class. For the purposes of determining good academic standing/satisfactory academic progress, courses given W grades are considered to be attempted credit hours but are not considered to be successfully completed.