Leave of Absence

  • Leaves of Absence

    A request for a leave of absence must be negotiated through the chair or director of graduate studies of the student's major department using a Graduate Student Petition for a Leave of Absence form. The form must then be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar by the last day of classes of the semester in which the leave is to begin.

    Normally, leaves are granted for a maximum of one year, but may be extended for up to one additional year if circumstances warrant. Each department may establish its own policies within the limits of these guidelines. All leave requests must be supported by adequate documentation.

    Students approved for a leave of absence remain liable for any outstanding tuition and fee charges.

    International students are advised to consult with International Student and Scholar Services, 210 Talbert Hall, North Campus, 716-645-2258, prior to applying for a leave of absence.

    Failure to register for classes or secure a leave of absence by the last day of classes of the semester in which the leave is to begin, will result in the student losing their access to register for classes in a future semester. To regain registration access within a subsequent five-year period, the student's home academic department must file a semester record activation request on behalf of the student (see the "Returning Student Semester Record Activation and Associated Fee" section for more details).