Application Instructions

For All Applicants

Submit your application through the Graduate Application website. Reference the PhD Admissions Checklist [PDF] to assist you through the application process. Completed applications and all credentials, including letters of recommendation, must be received in the School of Management by January 15 to be considered for admission. Applicants are encouraged to submit application materials in advance of the deadline date.

Note: Incomplete files will not be reviewed. It is expected that early applications will be complete within 30 days of original online submission but all applications should be complete by the deadline date.

Be sure to upload required documentation as instructed. When uploading materials to your application, upload them as PDF documents. Please be sure to remove password protection from all documents prior to uploading them. Do not mail or email materials, as they will be discarded.

1. Application and fee

Apply online. A nonrefundable fee of $50 is required for applications submitted via the online application process.

You must submit your application fee electronically via the University at Buffalo E-Payment system at the end of the electronic application.

2. Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

All applicants to the School of Management are required to take the GMAT or the GRE and have the results reported to this university. The GMAT/GRE are aptitude tests measure capabilities important to the study of management at the graduate level. For more information regarding the GMAT test, dates and places of administration, see the GMAT website. The GMAT institutional reporting code for the PhD in Management program is K6RQX02.

The GRE is also accepted for the PhD in Management program. The reporting codes for GRE are 4201 (department code) and 2925 (institutional code). Please note that the GMAT is preferred for applicants in Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

Note: Plan accordingly to allow yourself enough time to prepare for the exam and for the score to be reported by the application deadline. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

GMAT and GRE score reports expire five years from the date the exam is taken. Be sure to submit a valid score report.

3. Recommendation letters

As part of the online application process, you will be asked to supply the email addresses of two recommenders. Recommenders will be sent an email message asking them to submit an online letter of recommendation on your behalf. Recommenders will be asked how long they have known the applicant and in what capacity, characteristics of the applicant that would be considered strengths and characteristics that would be considered weaknesses. You will be notified by automated email when your recommenders have completed the process. Both letters must be received by the application deadline for admissions consideration. No exceptions will be made. Letters should be uploaded as PDFs.

The best recommenders are those who can comment on your academic and professional qualifications; current/former professors and current/former employers are desirable. Recommendation letters must uploaded as PDFs and must be received directly from the recommenders - those sent from applicants will not be considered valid.

4. Writing sample

We are looking for evidence of your ability to reason coherently and to express yourself clearly. The sample presented must be in English, should not be co-authored and should not be more than approximately five pages in length. A term paper or research project is ideal.

The writing sample must be uploaded as a PDF through the Graduate Application site. Be sure to include your full name identical to that used on the application site and indicate that the document is your writing sample.

5. Statement of purpose

Your statement is not the same as the writing sample. It should include your reasons for pursuing a doctoral degree. The statement of purpose must be uploaded as a PDF through the Graduate Application site. Be sure to include your full name identical to that used on the application site. Document length should be approximately 700 words.

6. Résumé

Submit a résumé showing relevant education and work experience. Include months and years of employment (i.e. MM/YY - MM/YY) along with telephone and email contact information for the two most recent workplaces shown on your résumé. The résumé must be uploaded as a PDF through the Graduate Application site. Be sure to include your full name identical to that used on the application site.

7. Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts should be uploaded as a PDF to the Graduate Application site for admissions review. Upload the front and back of transcripts (if back is blank, you do not need to upload the back). The site checklist has more than one line item for transcripts. If you only attended one undergraduate institution, you may ignore the second item. Transcripts for all undergraduate and any graduate credits (i.e. transfer, A.P., etc.) must be uploaded for admissions consideration. We will not consider your application for admission until you upload all undergraduate and graduate transcripts.

If offered admission, you must submit an official, final transcript from every post-secondary institution attended to finalize admission. 
Domestic applicants:
Please ask all colleges and universities you have attended to send official transcripts in sealed university envelopes to the Graduate Programs Office, 203 Alfiero Center, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14260.
For students enrolling during the fall semester, these official, final transcripts showing proof of degree attained must be received no later than August 1.
For students enrolling during the spring semester, these official, final transcripts showing proof of degree attained must be received no later than January 15.
UB students may print their transcripts from the HUB system. The School of Management will not request transcripts for UB students.

International applicants:
International applicants should not send transcripts via postal mail as additional information will be provided with I-20 materials.

Degrees cannot be conferred unless official transcripts are on file from every school attended. Applicants who are currently enrolled in graduate or undergraduate courses must submit transcripts from the most recent semester completed, but will need to provide final and official transcripts to finalize admission.

International applicants should review additional instructions for international applicants and provide information as indicated.

8. Calculus requirement

A two-semester introductory calculus sequence covering topics in differential calculus, integral calculus, simple differential equations and basic matrix algebra is required to be accepted into the PhD program. (Example: Math 141 and 142 at the University at Buffalo).

If you have not satisfied the requirement, you should plan to do so prior to your intended enrollment date. As it is a prerequisite, it must be completed prior to enrolling in the PhD program.

The Personal Privacy Protection Law requires this notice to be provided when collecting personal information from individuals: The information on this admissions application will be used by the School of Management at the University at Buffalo to evaluate your request for admission. Failure to provide the requested information could prevent your application from being processed. The authority to request this information is found in section 355 (2) (I) of the Education Law.

This application will be maintained in the Graduate Programs Office. The official responsible for the maintenance of this information is the assistant dean, 203 Alfiero Center, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14260-4010.