Internship Etiquette

The word "etiquette" refers to a category of appropriate behaviors expected within a particular setting, environment or circumstance. In this case, we consider internship etiquette to encompass the highest level of professionalism.

During an internship, you create an impression of personal career-readiness while representing the University at Buffalo. Not every internship results in a job offer; however, employers regularly use internships as a direct recruiting tool.

Interns are expected to be:

  • Respectful and courteous to supervisors, co-workers and fellow interns
  • Excellent at verbal and written communication, and attentive (good listener)
  • Punctual, consistent, reliable and self-motivated
  • Inquisitive and honest about confusion, setbacks or mistakes
  • Confident yet open to both positive and constructive feedback
  • Flexible in attitude and adaptable to change
  • Cognizant and compliant with the employer's and the University's code of conduct
  • 11/7/18
    Strategies and best practices for successful completion of an internship.
  • 7/17/20
    Common mistakes and stories told from the supervisor perspective.