Supervisor's Role

Woman teaching intern

The role of an effective intern supervisor is multi-faceted.


  • Fully embraces the role as mentor*  
  • Provides functional expertise from a teaching perspective
  • Is available to the student intern on a regular basis
  • Understands the internship may be the student’s first professional experience
  • Advises the intern on corporate culture and behavioral expectations
  • Acts as a role model and demonstrates consistent professional behavior
  • Communicates effectively and is willing to clarify goals when necessary
  • Provides regular feedback on performance

*The widely accepted definition of the word mentor is a trusted friend, counselor or teacher; an experienced person.


  • Has designed a project-based internship that is nonclerical in nature
  • Understands the intern should not be soley responsible for vital projects
  • Introduces the intern to key colleagues and departments
  • Shares pertinent internal information to enable success
  • Includes the intern in professional development and networking opportunities
  • Serves as a professional reference as appropriate


  • Has planned proper on-boarding (work space, orientation/training, introductions)
  • Adjusts the intern's schedule during high-stress periods (exams, presentations), if requested
  • Contacts our staff immediately should any extraordinary circumstances develop
  • Conducts an exit interview and completes our evaluation form at end of internship